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Bermuda Gambling Laws

Bermuda Gambling Laws have been updated to allow resort type casinos to operate on the islands. Bermuda would make a great gambling hotspot for US gamblers. Being located close to the east coast of the US it could attract a lot of gambling tourists.

About Bermuda

Bermuda Gambling LawsBermuda was discovered by the Spanish but was not colonised until 1609. That happened after a British ship was wrecked on a reef of Bermuda. Bermuda takes its name from Juan de Bermúdez who first discovered it. By 1612 Bermuda was colonised by the British and now it has a mixed population of 65,000 people. Bermuda has British, African and Caribbean roots due to it location and the slave trade.

The economy of Bermuda evolved with agriculture, shipbuilding and salt trading. That was until the 1900’s when it became famous for tourism. Today tourism is the largest industry and many cruise ships are lured there by the endless beauty and rich culture of Bermuda.

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Cuban Gambling History

Cuban gambling history shows it went from cock-fighting to elite casinos and then after the revolution to an illegal lottery run by the mobsters.

The History of Cuba

Cuban Gambling HistoryThe story of local gambling history cannot be told without telling the story of Cuba itself. If you only want to read about local gambling history please scroll down.

Prior to the Revolution

During colonial times Cuba was a Spanish Colony trading much in the same way as other colonies. Cuba was trading sugar, there were plantations all over the Islands.

When the Spanish-American war ended in 1898 the losers, Spain were forced to sign away their rights to Cuba. The US took over control but Cuba was soon granted independence if they granted a perpetual lease to the US for a naval base, now known as Guantanamo Bay.

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Russian Gambling Laws

Russian Gambling Laws – Russia has struggled to deal with gambling. It was banned during the communist era and then legalised during the late 1980’s. Following increasing social problems it is now only permitted in 5 designated zones.

History of Russian Gambling Laws

Russian Gambling Laws

USSR – The Communist Era

During 1928 gambling was banned following a report claiming that gambling was a bourgeois pastime not compatible with the spirit of the working proletariat. All gaming houses in the Soviet Union were duly closed. The end of Russian gambling.

Subsequently during 1932 a resolution was passed to regulate the state lottery business.

During 1988, in a drive to promote tourism, slot machines were legalised in some hotels. In August 1989 the Soviet Government lifted the ban on gambling and the first gambling house was opened in Moscow. The first casino opened in Moscow’s Savoy Hotel.

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Chinese Gambling Laws

Chinese Gambling laws have banned it since 1949 but 20% of Chinese people live outside of China. Also many Chinese are able to access offshore gambling websites.

Chinese Gambling Laws

Chinese Gambling LawsThe only legal form of gambling in China is the state lottery controlled by the Peoples Republic of China. There are two lotteries, the Welfare Lottery and the Sports Lottery.

Anyone who has been to a casino will know that the Chinese enjoy gambling. Perhaps that is because, apart from the Lottery, all other types of gambling are banned within China. A blanket gambling ban was introduced back in 1949 but more than 20% of Chinese people live outside China.

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USA Gambling Laws

Reading about USA gambling laws will probably set your head spinning. Here we try to put the basics into perspective for you in a brief article.

Gambling in the USA

USA Gambling LawsSome gambling laws in the USA are centuries old, others are still evolving. With federal, state and local laws  to consider it is complex to understand in overall terms and especially, geographically.

Living in the US you might generally think US gambling laws are not forbidding. For example, lotteries are run by 44 states. It is not difficult to find cards rooms, they operate in most towns and cities. Many bars and restaurants have limited betting gaming machines. However, the biggest gambling venues are the tribal casinos which operate in more than half of the states in the US.

During 2015, revenue in the US from gambling was 70 billion dollars. That gives an idea of the scope of gambling in the USA. Annual growth is around 3% per annum.

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New Australia Gambling Law

A new Australian gambling law could be passed if the Senators vote to pass it. However will it really improve the scourge of Gambling in Australia?

New Australian Gambling Law

New Australian Gambling LawGambling has become a problem in Australia. It is well-known that they spend more per capita than any other country in the world. Currently there is a bid to introduce a new gambling law in an attempt to reduce the problem. Increased numbers of people have been enjoying online gambling. The Government and people affected by gambling are keen to see online gambling restricted.

On Thursday, Mitch Fifield, the Australian Communications Minister entered the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill 2016 into parliament. The last amendment was passed by Senate in 2001, a long time ago. The gambling industry in Australia has been very progressive since then.

This week a new 2016 Bill was announced to restrict online gambling operations in Australia. A new forceful gambling law in the making. It is proposed that new laws will prevent online offshore operators acting illegally in Australia.

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Australian Gambling Laws

Australian gambling laws seem very lapse, the have allowed Australians to become the highest wagerers per capita in the world.

Australian Gambling Laws

Australian Gambling LawsGambling Laws in Australia have generally been the responsibility of individual territories rather than Central Government. Gambling has become a problem in Australia and more recently central government is taking a more active stance. The negative impact of gambling on Australian Society has long been a matter of concern for the people of Australia.

Gambling is very popular in Australia. In fact it has the highest expenditure per head than any other county in the world. The laws have been very lapse, licensed land based casinos are permitted and indeed many exist. The new Crown Casino in Melbourne is a recently constructed Australian mega casino resort.

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Japanese Gambling Laws

Japanese Gambling laws could be shaken up to legalize gambling and control it. Currently the serious gamblers go underground where it is controlled by the mobsters.

Japanese Gambling Laws

Japanese Gambling LawsGambling is largely banned in Japan with a few exceptions, betting is allowed on some sports. Japanese Government revenue is mostly generated from the state controlled Lottery and Toto which is a form of  sports betting.

Gambling laws  are controlled by Criminal Code Chapter 23 which covers public sports, lottery, pachinko, illegal gambling and casinos.

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Lucky Dragon Casino opening in Las Vegas

It has been 6 years since the last new build Cosmopolitan Casino opened on the Las Vegas strip. On December 3rd the newly built Lucky Dragon Casino will be open for business.

Lucky Dragon Casino Opening 3rd December 2016

Lucky Dragon CasinoThe casino is a brand new Asian themed operation which is opening soon on the North End of the Las Vega strip. It has been in development for five years so you can expect it to be an exceptional venue. It is no surprise that the casino will be opened on time.

The doors have already been open for a week to allow visitors to preview the facilities. The entire facility has been planned literally to offer a taste of the Orient.

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Latest UK Gambling Statistics

Latest UK gambling statistics perhaps show that the open availability of Apps for mobile devices has caused more gamblers go online than ever before.

Latest UK Gambling Statistics published by the UK Gambing Commission

UK Gambling Statistics

The Main Statistics

New figures published by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) show online gambling is now the largest gambling sector in the UK. The latest figures published by UKGC show online gambling accounts for 33% of all gambling in the UK.

Gross Gambling Yield

The total gross gambling yield was £13.6 million for the twelve month period from April 2015.

Latest UK gambling statistic published by the UKGC show a gross gambling yield of £4.5 billion for online gambling operators between April 2015 and March 2016. Over the same period, the National Lottery generated £3.4 billion.  The high street betting sector generated £3.3 billion and traditional casinos generated £1 billion.

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