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Japanese Pachinko

Pachinko Gaming Fever

Japanese Pachinko GamingPachinko gaming is something which the Japanese Government will have considered carefully before legalizing casinos in Japan. 4% of GDP is already derived from the Pachinko gaming sector.

It is a frenetic game played in neon lit parlours using steel balls which clatter and rattle loudly to the music of techno and howling megaphone announcements. It is not like something else you are likely to have experienced before.

Surprisingly, playing the game is not really regarded as gambling although clearly it is. It is a bit like asking when is a game chance not a game of chance? It is a form of game where steel balls can be played into small holes and then redeemed for tokens. Seen by most, as a game of skill at which you can win.

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Vietnam Gambling makes some progress

Vietnam Gambling Progress

Vietnam Gambling ProgressSince Japan decided to legalise casinos they have been centre stage but what about the merits of Vietnam as an up and coming casino destination? Vietnam gambling progress is also being made.

Vietnam has also been interesting global casino groups because it has a strong economy, it is a tourist destination with 3,400 kilometres are tropical beaches and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Casinos could blend in well in such pleasing environments.

Add to that a border with China and potentially you have frontier with a sizeable amount of of gambling tourists.

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The Roselli Brothers masterminds in ID theft

The Roselli Brothers

The Roselli BrothersFamous for their deception, the Roselli brothers systematically stole 37 million dollars from casinos in the US and Puerto Rico during the 1990’s.

These two brothers were smart cookies. They managed to hide their deception for many years, to this day only they know who they are. The perfect crime, perhaps.

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Czech Republic Gambling Blocked

Czech Republic gambling website censorship

Czech Republic gambling website censorshipCzech Republic gambling website censorship has now become a reality following the new Gambling Act which was passed into law on 1st January 2017.

The  Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic issued a decision on 22nd February to allow illegal gambling websites to be blocked. Website censoring was seen as highly controversial move. It has been introduced to block the ISP addresses of gambling organisations who are not licensed in the Czech Republic.

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The Asian Gambling Market

Macau launched into life and quietly became the gambling centre of the world. It is now indisputably number one in the Asian gambling market.

Catch up with the Asian gambling market

Asian Gambling MarketMacau the Champion

Macau is a magnet for the Chinese who cross the border everyday for their gambling trips.

Once an old colonial trading port, Macau is now home to more than half a million people. Most of them are connected with the gambling industry in one way or another. Read about Macau gambling history. It is one of the most densely populated countries with a population density of 22 thousand people per square kilometre. (Hong Kong only has 6 thousand per kilometre)

Being the champion of gambling is not always the best place to be because other jurisdictions also have their eye on the business. Macau attracted almost 31 million visitors during 2016 and generated 28.33 billion dollars in revenue. It is unrivalled in term of revenue.

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Spanish Gambling Market

The Spanish Gambling Market is finally on the upturn

Spanish Gambling MarketFollowing a shake up in the Spanish gambling laws during 2011, the Spanish gambling market is finally beginning to see some real growth in the online sector. Spain stopped foreign gambling companies operating unless they are licensed from and operate from Spain.

The repercussions of such a shake up are quite far-reaching because it takes time regulators and organisations to catch up with the reality of the situation. There are now only 52 gambling operators licensed in Spain. Previously, hundreds of operators withdrew from the Spanish market because they were rendered illegal by the new laws.

2016 saw growth across the board with particular growth in the 4th quarter. During the last few months of 2016, prime time advertising of poker was highly prevalent on Spain TV.

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Pokie Profits Surge in New South Wales

Pokie profits surge calls for transparency

Pokie profits surgeFollowing recent alarming gambling statistics there have been calls for pubs and clubs with pokie machines to publish their profits every month. A pokie profits surge has promoted a call for action.

It is not surprising there has been an outcry. The statistics revealed that 5.4 billion dollars was lost by pokie players in New South Wales last year. State spending on pokies increased by almost 10%. Pokie profits are a large part of the increase. On top of that, last year Australia was declared to have the highest gambling spending rate per head in the world.

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Global Casino Investment

Global Casino Investment

Global Casino InvestmentSome major players have been involved in global casino investment. In the past 20 years we have seen countries legalizing gambling solely for profit. For example, Macau invented itself as an Asian gambling hub. Saipan is also throwing in billions of dollars to chase the Asian gambling market. Singapore has also developed resort style casino gambling.

Japan is seeking an investment of around 10 billion dollars to build a casino resort having just legalised casino gambling. They will not only be chasing their home market, the Asian market attracts the Chinese in abundance.

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Reno Gambling Culture

Reno gambling from a small town to a big city

Reno GamblingThe US State of Nevada legalised gambling in 1931 and Reno gambling was born. Of course, gambling had existed there for many years before but now there was a great opportunity. It could be capitalised.

Raymond Smith opened Harold’s Club in the main street and it quickly became a popular gambling den. It was a purpose built gambling club and offered some new style to this early town. By the 1940’s it had become really famous with roadside billboards exclaiming “Harold’s or Bust”. Tourists started coming and the Reno gambling industry was born.

Downtown Reno has a famous arch over Virginia Street upon which a sign reads; “The Biggest Little City in the World”

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UK Bingo Licences

Types of UK Bingo Licences

UK Bingo LicencesUK Bingo Licences are issued by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) who regulate all forms of gambling within the UK. It was set up under the Gambling Act 2005 in partnership with the licensing authorities. The UKGC also regulate the National Lottery.

Bingo is defined as a game in which players mark off numbers on cards as the numbers are drawn randomly by a caller, the winner being the first person to mark off all their numbers. The UKGC are able to issue three different types of Licences.

It was always a popular game, many have been excited by winning, or at the prospect of winning. In recent years though it has suffered a decline. Many attribute that to the smoking ban but the surge in online gaming has also taken its toll. Many of the old Bingo halls have closed down but the game still has a strong following.

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