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Month: April 2017

Texas Holdem Practice for Free

Texas Holdem teach yourself how to play

Texas HoldemTexas Holdem is one of a group of so-called community card games. It’s origins go back to Robstown, Texas during the early 1900’s. Originally Aces were low but they were changed to high when the game was introduced to Las Vegas by a group of Texan gamblers in 1967.

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Poker Hands

Poker Hands

Poker HandsWatching out for potential winning poker hands can be exciting especially when you draw four Aces, its rarely beaten.

A standard deck of cards contains four suits of thirteen cards. It is normal deal poker hands from a standard shuffled deck of fifty cards and introduce additional decks as required, one at a time.

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Poker History

The History of Poker

Poker HistoryPoker history is an interesting subject. Poker evolved over many centuries derived from various games to be what it is today. It was invented as a game of deceit.

It took popularity with the invention of playing cards and dominoes as far back as the ninth century in China. Bluff would have been a good name for the game.

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Online Poker Guide

The Ultimate Online Poker Guide

Beginners online poker guideUnless you are a seasoned poker player the chances are there will always be something to learn. In this online poker guide we aim to guide you through the basics of internet poker.

The first thing to consider is the difference between playing a live game in a casino and playing poker online. When playing poker live you will need to consider timing and aspects of etiquette. When playing video slots timing and etiquette are less relevant.

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Jackpot Gambling Win Argument

Tensions rise in $100,000 jackpot gambling win argument

Jan Flato and Marina Navarro Jackpot Gambling Win ArgumentMarina Navarro won a $100,000 jackpot while playing a slot machine near Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She admits her friend Jan Flato paid the wager which rendered the win. Technically Marina was the winner because she pushed the button. Marina claims she wanted to pay Jan part of the winnings until he threatened her. Hence this jackpot gambling win argument arose.

The event happened at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino when Jan Flato asked his companion Marina Navarro to push the button for him ‘for good luck’.

The two were ecstatic when the reels stopped spinning but it was shortlived. Jan Flato tried to collect the winnings but the casino clerks told him they belonged to whoever pushed the button. Video replay did confirm she pushed the button, so she was paid out.

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Cool Buck Video Slot Game

Cool Buck Video Slot game by Microgaming

Cool Buck video slot game is the latest 3 row 5 reel video slot to be released by Microgaming. It has nine pay-lines. Being a Microgaming product means that it has reputation behind it. It also means that it is widely available in the best online casinos.

Cool Buck is a simple classic video slot reminiscent of those in old days. Buck himself is the main character, a rolled up dollar bill with a face and arms added. He is the wild stacked symbol and substitutes for all the others. It has a free spins feature where all wins are doubled.

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Mega Money Multipier Video Slot Game

Mega Money Multiplier Video Slot game by Migrogaming

Mega Money Multiplier video slot game is the latest retro style slot to be released by Microgaming. If it catches on it may open the door for more retro design video slot to be produced. What was wrong with 3 rows and 3 reels anyway?

Resemblant of pub fruit machine, Mega Money Multiplier has some modern touches including some much better graphics than in the old days.

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Macau gambling stats still rising

Macau gambling stats keep rising

Macau gambling stats keep risingMore and more Chinese high rolling gamblers continue to visit the Portuguese enclave of Macau. Macau gambling stats keep rising as the success just rolls on.

Month on month, Macau saw an 18% massive increase gambling revenue as the Chinese high rollers continue to return. Data released on Saturday showed an increase of 2.6 billion dollars. Analysts were expecting a more modest increase of between 12 and 16 per cent.

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