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Month: May 2017

Excellence at Mr Green the online casino

Mr Green casino is currently the most popular online casino and sports betting betting website

Mr Green CasinoMr Green casino is a popular award-winning online casino  and sports betting website with an acknowledged high standard of excellence.

When you take a look at the Mr Green website it is hard not to get absorbed with its style and professionalism. The graphics are amazing with a soft and beautiful green theme.

They are relative newcomer to the online casino arena but don’t let that put you off. They launched in 2012 but they rapidly gained a reputation for honesty and great service. Like any great organisation they are focussed on staying at the top. They invested heavily in their business and intend maintain their pace.

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Playing Card History

Playing Card History – How it all started

Playing Card History - Playing CardsPlaying card history evolved from domino cards. The origins of playing cards go back many centuries, they were invented during 9th Century in China. The modern pack of 52 cards is now generally accepted all over the world.

It is likely that playing cards originated in the same way as currency. Pieces of wood, bone and stone were used as small recognisable items of value. It is possible that the first early games involved playing with items of value used as wagers.

The first playing cards were of course printed, using wooden blocks, but carved bone was used before that. Early pictures from China show a 32 card domino pack with 21 combinations of a pair of dice as symbols. Playing card history can only extracted from what is written, and that was very little in terms of survival.

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Hard Rock Casino Atlantic City the cost goes up

New Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City is going to cost $500

Hard Rock Casino Atlantic CityAccording recent reports the new Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City could cost more than $500 million.

Chairman, Jim Allen spoke about the new casino during a keynote address at the East Gaming Congress in Atlantic City on 5th April. The new casino will be located in the famous building formerly known as the Trump Taj Mahal casino. The casino eventually closed due to long running labour dispute which resulted in 3000 workers losing their jobs.

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Malta Gaming Authority

Malta Gaming Authority

Malta Gaming AuthorityBackground

The Malta Gaming Authority was initially formed to regulate and control land based casinos in Malta. Around the time of the millennium a surge in the formation of online casino operators led to many being registered in Malta to benefit from low taxation.

Malta is part of the European Union so any online casino registered in Malta can operate legally within any of the 28 member states. That is subject complying with any gambling legislation within the EU member state. Many of the EU member states will no longer allow a foreign online casino to offer their services within the state unless they have a local registered company and gambling licence.

Although this Maltese Autority licenses and regulates many online casinos it became a legal requirement in 2014 that any online casino registering UK players must also regulated and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. This has also affected online casinos operating from other non UK bases like Gibraltar and the Isle of Man.

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City of Dreams Casino Resort Macau

All About the City of Dreams Casino Resort in Macau

City of Dreams Casino Resort MacauThe Background

Work commenced on the City of Dreams Casino Resort Macau during 2014. Designed by Architects Zaha Hadid, it is an architectural landmark in the Cotai district of Macau. It boasts 151,000 m2 of constructed area over 39 floors with 783 rooms, shopping facilities, the casino, numerous restaurants and a rooftop swimming pool. Melco Crown Entertainment commissioned the building.

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The History of Trible Casinos on Indian Reservations

The History of Tribal Casinos in the US

Tribal Casinos on Indian ReservationsIt all began back in the seventies when the Seminole Tribe in Florida launched a bingo operation. The history of tribal casinos on Indian reservations was born out of a Supreme Court Ruling in 1979.

The State of Florida took action against a new bingo operation on an Indian Reservation which became a  popular tourist attraction. Gambling was illegal across most of the US including Florida and the authorities  tried to close down. A run of lawsuits led to the Supreme Court ruling which declared the state of Florida did not have jurisdiction over Indian Reservations activities. It was against the US Constitution.

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Brazil Gambling Ban Under Review

Brazil to Regulate Casino Gambling

Brazil GamblingFor 75 years Brazil has imposed a gambling ban. Now it is under review to help plug the nation’s budget deficit. In Brazil gambling is under review.

In 1941 Brazil outlawed gambling in Brazil as part  of their Criminal Contravention Act. President Eurico Dutra issued a decree to shut down all existing casinos.

Currently only Lotteries, as well as poker and betting on horse races are legal. The latter were accepted as skill based activities.

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Omaha Poker Practice for Free

Omaha Poker – How to Play

Omaha PokerOmaha Poker is one of a group of so-called community card games.  The game first appeared in Detroit in the early seventies, it was first known as “twice three”.

The game quickly spread across the big cities in the north and midwest of the US, especially Chicago and New York.

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7 Card Draw Poker Practice for Free

7 Card Draw Poker – How to Play

7 Card Draw Poker7 Card Draw Poker is one of a group of so-called community card games. The history of the game is not clear.  Some say it originated in France or  Germany, others say it originated in Persia. Another similar game originated in New England called Brag and involved bluffing just like Poker. The only difference is it is played with 3 cards.

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5 Card Draw Poker Practice for Free

5 Card Draw Poker – How to Play

5 Card Draw Poker5 Card Draw Poker is one of a group of so-called community card games. Although origins can be traced back to the middle ages it first spread like wild-fire across the wild west. It is the predecessor to Texas Holdem poker.

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