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Pac-Man Battle Royal Casino Game

New Pac-Man Battle Royal Casino Game set to launch in Las Vegas

Pac-Man Casino GameA new Pac-Man Battle Royal casino game will launch in Las Vegas casinos during 2018. It will be a game of skill for 2 to 4 players.

Pac-Man was first developed by Namco and released in Japan during May 1980. It was designed by the now famous Toru Iwatani and it became popular all over the world. It took over from Space Invaders as an iconic arcade game. If you can remember it the object of the game was simply to navigate an munch your way through the dots. The game hosted a number of attractions including lives to keep you in the game for longer. There were also those famous four ghosts to consume.

Some of the most successful arcade games involved acquiring skills and Pac-Man was no exception. So does an arcade game like Pac-Man belong in a casino?

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Jungle Books Video Slot Review

New Jungle Books Video Slot Game by Yggdrasil Gaming

Jungle Books Slot ReviewThis new Jungle Books video slot game from Yggdrasil Gaming is a cool piece of design in all respects. The graphics are stunning to say the least.

The theme for this game is  the Rudyard Kipling Jungle Books collection which was first created during 1894. Since then there have been more books and even films depicting the tales of Mowgli the little boy and his band of loveable animal friends. Baloo the bear, Shere Khan the tiger and their other pals are all featured in this new video slot game.

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UK Gambling Problem

Is the UK gambling problem a geographical one?

UK Gambling ProblemIt is acknowledged that there is a UK gambling problem but is it a geographical one? The UK Gambling Commission compile and publish all manner of gambling statistics but does that help?

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) produced a report which dammed the use of fixed odds betting terminals (FOBT’s) in betting shops.

The Association of British Bookmakers (ABB) complained about the report and since then there has been much debate throughout. The ABB complained that the report was funded by the commercial rivals of the bookmakers, i.e. the the casino, arcade and pub industries. Was there a flaw in the way the APPG was set up in the first place?

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Roselands Bristol Cottage Raffle

Bristol Cottage Raffle  – Roselands Stunning Period House comes up for raffle

Roselands Bristol Cottage RaffleThis enviable period cottage is valued at around £1 million and your could own it for just £2. This Bristol cottage raffle will be a life changing experience for the new owner of Roselands.

We call this a cottage because that is how it looks but it has been extended to over 4,000 square feet and now boasts 17 rooms. It was originally constructed during 1829 on a plot of half an acre close to the River Avon just 10 minutes into the centre of Bristol.

The owner, Tricia Hamilton wants to relocate to Surrey to be closer to her family. She hopes to sell 500,000 tickets to realise the value of the house plus costs. The winner of this cottage will be mortgage free.

The competition is expect to last for six months. If insufficient tickets are sold the winner will receive the raffle money substituting costs.  Entrants will be expected to answer and historical question.

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Bally Slot Machines

Bally Slot Machines – Casino History

Bally Slot MachinesThere is something about Bally slot machines iconic design which deserves a place in casino history. Line them up and they take on a space age look, add the sound of a casino and chance of beating the machine and you have an awesome formula. Which slot will deliver the best wins though, what joy they bring to the casino.

The Bally Story

The first slot machine was invented in 1887 by Charles Fey a garage mechanic from San Francisco. It was mechanically crude but very attractive and the slot machine soon caught in bars and restaurants all over America.

It was not until 1932 that the Bally slot machines empire started. Founded by Raymond Moloney, he was a man with a mission to provide pin ball machines for a growing new market. The Bally Manufacturing company was founded in Chicago and later expanded into the manufacture of slot machines for casinos. They re-named themselves Bally Entertainment and provided a whole range of services including health clubs and theme parks.

They will probably be best remembered for their contribution to the world of slot machines, which spanned several decades. Their name became synonymous with quality and service throughout the fast growing casino and interactive entertainment industries.

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Falling UK Lottery Sales

Falling UK Lottery Sales are causing concern

Falling UK Lottery SalesFalling UK lottery sales have been causing concern as Britain’s gambling habits change and Camelot are in the spotlight as ticket sales plummet.

Camelot have run the UK National Lottery since it was founded during 1994. Since then it has raised £37 billion pounds for charities, projects and of course the British Olympic team. Could the recent fall in ticket sales signal change in the future.

Camelot announced during June that ticket sales had reduced by 8.8% to £6.9 billion up until year ending 31st March 2017. The amount of money being raised for good causes also fell by 14.4% to £1.6 billion.

Ask your self why the National Lottery was so successful in the first place? For the first time millions of people had the chance to secure a life-changing win for the price of a pint. Indeed there have been many lucky winners over the years. Many millions have purchased lottery tickets with the hope of fulfilling a dream.

Despite the success of the lottery, many see it as a way of collecting taxes from some of the poorest people in the country. Undeniably though, the politicians have always been able to argue that the benefits to good causes outweigh the disadvantages.

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Failed House Raffle

Failed House Raffle causes grief for owners

Failed House RaffleLearn a lesson from a failed house raffle in the UK due to the intervention of the UK Gambling Commission. The six bedroom house is currently still for sale.

Howard and Marie Lipsey, a couple from the Wirral were inspired by a successful property raffle in Devon. They are now living on the bread line due to losses from the raffle failure. They set up the raffle in a bid to offload the property due to declining real estate prices.

Tickets cost £25 and offered the chance to win a six bedroom home in West Kirby. The house was valued at £725,000 during 2006.

Unfortunately, the raffle had to be put on hold just weeks after it was launched. The reason was a complication highlighted by the UK Gambling Commission. Apparently, the problem was with a skill based question and by the time the problem was resolved too much time had lapsed to re-launch the competition. It took 5 months for the problem to be resolved. By that time it was a failed house raffle.

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Gambling Dispute Resolution by using the Resolver website

Gambling Dispute Resolution made easier

Gambling Dispute Resolution by ResolverThe UK Gambling Commission had been working towards developing an easier way forward for gambling dispute resolution. The Resolver website was developed to resolve consumer issues online and that now includes issues with gambling companies.

From 1st August gambling consumers were able to use the Resolver online support tool to make gambling related complaints. The support tool will provide information about the issue the consumer wishes to complain about. Resolver supports the consumer by helping them to write emails and letters of complaint.

The Resolver Website

The website helps the consumer to make a complaint in a structured method and to make informed choices about what action to take. It is a free independent tool gaining information from the experiences of the consumer. The organisation is not an intermediary service but it has been designed to provide assistance to help the consumer resolve common problems. It also helps with managing customer expectation about the complaint issue.

This can help businesses to deal with complaints more efficiently when they receive them, and manages customer expectations about their complaint issue. The great thing about the Resolver help service is that it allows the consumer to store all the complaint information in one place. Better still, when you use the Resolver service, your email of complaint will sent from a Resolver email address and all communications are therefore logged. Effectively a case file is built for the consumer to use.

Although the organisation is an independent service the UK Gambling Commission has worked with them to develop the information that they use about gambling services.

To use the service go to the Dispute Resolution Website and click Leisure on the top menu. You can then search for the gambling website you require. There are already many online casinos listed in the system. Resolver will continue to add frequently asked questions so, the service should be constantly improving over time.

Gambling consumers should be aware but now that disputes can easily arise when using an online casino. Please, do read more about choosing a safe online casino. Please do minimise the chances of requiring a gambling dispute resolution service in the future.

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Scottish House Raffle

Scottish House Raffle – Dullatur House has 7 Bedrooms and an acre of land with a swimming pool

Scottish House Raffle Dullatur HouseDullatur House could be described as 7 bedroom mansion and you could win it in a Scottish house raffle for just £5 and live mortgage free. The closing date is 18th December 2017.

The house was purchased by the current owners and has been extensively modernised. Unfortunately the owner has now lost his job. Despite trying to sell the house for the past 12 months there have been no takers.

The property has been valued at £625,000 but has been marketed for £825,000. The owners hope to sell 250,000 tickets to raise enough money to cover the purchase costs. If they sell enough tickets by 9th  December 2017 the owners will make a £25,000 donation to the MacMillan Cancer Support Charity.

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Cyprus Villa Raffle

Cyprus Villa Raffle closing date is 1st February 2018

Cyprus Villa RaffleThis Cyprus villa raffle could be a novel way of becoming the owner of three bedroom villa with a pool for just £2. The villa is of modern design and has been well looked after.

The location of the property is Kathikas, which is one of the Laona villages in the Paphos District of Cyprus. It is situated on a plateau 23 kilometers north of Paphos. It has an altitude of 645m.

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