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Macau London Themed Casino

Macau London Themed Casino Plans Unveilled

Macau London Themed CasinoWe are now seeing London taken to Macau from Las Vegas. This Macau London themed casino will be the first reinvention of this casino property during its history of barely years.

The Londoner, as it will be known will be the show piece of development the world-famous Sands Corporation in Macau.

The plan is to replace upgrade the five properties in total which the Sands own it Macau. The overall plan is to spend $1.1 billion dollars.

The Londoner will replace the Sands Cotai Central Hotel which features more than 6,000 rooms, plus retail space plus a cinema. There have been hints that the building could resemble the look of “Big Ben”. The London architectural theme offers a lot of scope for embellish it because it has some fine landmarks.

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Gambling with Binary Options

Gambling with Binary Options – Work or Play

Gambling with Binary OptionsGambling with Binary options might be considered as work. Taking a gamble in leisure time is definitely not work. There you have the real definition.

We here examine what binary options is all about. There is a difference between gambling and trading and they are definitely not the same.

Binary options are traded as assets on open business markets like stocks, commodities and currencies. Most market traders would probably regard themselves as having a degree of skill or ability to generate some wealth.

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New Hard Rock Guitar Shaped Casino for Florida

A New Hard Rock Guitar Shaped Casino will tower over Florida

New Hard Rock Guitar Shaped Casino for HollywoodThe sky over Hollywood, Florida will tower with a new 450 foot tall Hard Rock guitar shaped casino tower building from mid 2019.

Impressive casino expansion plans for Florida are now firmly on the map as the Seminole Gaming Enterprise unveil joint plans with Hard Rock International. It will be a flagship destination owned by the Seminole Tribe of Florida owned and operated by the innovative hotel and casino group.

The resort will centre a massive hotel building which make no mistake about resembles a guitar. The existing resort has a $15 billion dollar budget. The guitar shaped building will take centre stage at the of the casino development.

The new Hard Rock guitar shaped casino tower building will double the current size of the casino and provide a total of more than 3,200 slot machines and 178 gaming tables. Blackjack and Baccarat will also be featured together with a 18,000 square foot poker room.

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Pennsylvania Gambling Expansion Approved

Pennsylvania Gambling expansion plans have been approved

Pennsylvania Gambling ExpansionYesterday, a wide-reaching Pennsylvania gambling expansion plans was approved with huge implications. It was the largest change seen by lawmakers since casinos were approved more than a decade since.

The change was promulgated by a need to repair a hole in the state budget and was voted by a majority of 109 to 72 with support from both GOP and Democratic Leaders. This was a huge opportunity to balance the books for the years to come.

The plans will include the expansion of casino style gambling style gambling trucks stops and casinos facilities at airport waiting lounges. Ten new casinos are planned across state.

However the widest sweeping plan is for State wide online casino gambling to be introduced. The new facilities will make Pennsylvania the fourth state to allow internet gambling. Casino and lottery games will be facilitated online to appeal to younger players. There will also be a spin-off as the lottery funds the elderly to play Keno.

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Raffling Your Home

Would you ever consider raffling your home?

Raffling your HomeRaffling your home might provide you with a solution in extreme financial circumstances but you could be entering into an abyss from which there is no return.

Owning your home is a decision you make usually under the best of circumstances, but it does not always work out so well. The value of property can also go down, it is only worth what a person will pay in the current market, nothing more.

The British people have an obsession with spending money on property and then finding themselves trapped. Many people need to relocate for family reasons, others lose their jobs and their lifeline. Whatever the reason, it can be a costly business finding someone to follow your dream.

An increasing number a home owners are turning to conduct house raffles in the hope that it might be the answer to their prayers. Think again, of the risks involved.

The Raffle Process

Firstly you will need to find a lawyer to set up your house raffle because otherwise you could easily break the law. Most people so far seem to have opted to conduct house raffles for legal reasons as a last resort. Most owners set up a website to automate the sale of raffle tickets.

Imagine that, you can now sell raffle tickets for your home but with that comes masses of responsibility. For a start you will a dedicated bank account, usually in the house owners name to take payments. This is a big element of trust. It puts the owner completely in control of a raffle.

It also means the biggest risk is being absorbed by the owner of the house. There can be no certainty that the prescribed number of raffle tickets will be sold. There has already be a failed house raffle.

Bear in mind also, the whole point of conducting a raffle is to have a winner. The law requires that, otherwise people can go to prison.

The UK Gambling Commission has task of administering gambling law in connection with raffles, but questions are already being asked. Is it acceptable to conduct a high value property raffle, without have a licence in place.

The Real Risk

Failing to sell the prescribed number of tickets is the most significant risk.

The question is, at what stage would you an owner abort a house raffle. Is it a acceptable to delay if progress has been slow? Who makes those decisions?

What then happens to unpick the mess of failed house raffle? Will the owners be responsible for repaying all money to the contestants and how do the charities get there share of their rightful proceeds. Is their a trustee or a guarantor involved. Is adequate consumer protection in place?

When looking at this from the home sellers point there is a massive responsibility to conduct the raffle properly. Will all the owners take it equally seriously?

It will be interesting to see how the scenario unfolds in due course. Raffling your home may not be the best way forward for your piece of mind.

The easiest solutions are not always the best ones.

Update: The Dullatur House raffle in Scotland has been withdrawn because it was blocked because by Paypal,


UK House Raffle and Winning

The odds of winning at a UK house raffle

Melling Manor UK House RaffleWinning a UK house raffle is something which you might dream about. Well why not, you can actually achieve you wildest dreams and own a house outright, yes and with no mortgage. The latest concept in home owning is that the owner actually gets to give away the house free of charge to the grateful winner.

There has already been one house winners in UK House Raffle. Marie Segar won Melling Manor after entering a property raffle. The property is estimated to be worth £800,000 in today’s market. Marie purchased 20 tickets at £2 each and scooped a prize piece of real estate. She is now also known Lady of Melling officially by title. That was during 2014.

Since then, there has been a surge in real estate raffles being held all over the country. They can get quite infectious, if you look them, you may even have seen then in the newspapers.

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Fraud Gambling Problems

Fraud Gambling Problems

Fraud Gambling ProblemsThe with fraud gambling problems is that they lurk together in dark corners and rarely meet but when they do it is usually catastrophic. Have you ever considered yourself as a person position of trust. Does that scare you?

Over the years many gamblers have succumbed to the temptation of having a flutter with other people money, many do no get found out for years.

Last week, a Financial adviser from Nottingham was jailed for running up gambling losses on more than a million pounds. Mark Pickering was jailed for 40 months for defrauding a number people who were discovered during a Betfair audit.

During 2015 a Quantity Surveyor was jailed for stealing a 6 figure sum from his employers hide his gambling addiction. The funding involved purchasing powers tools which he subsequently sold on for cash.

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Johnston Lodge Laurencekirk House Raffle

Johnston Lodge Laurencekirk House Raffle promises results

Johnston Lodge Laurencekirk House RaffleEntry in the Johnston Lodge Laurencekirk House Raffle will cost just £25 and £5 is allocated to charity. The competition started on 6th October 2017 and ends on 31st March 2018.

The value of the property is £1.7 million and there are three cash runners prizes of £10,000. There will only be 150,000 entries.

Johnstone Lodge has 32 acres of land including a nine-hole golf course. It comes complete with paid running costs for the first twelve months.

It many respects Johnston Lodge Laurencekirk house raffle is an enviable  contest.

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Barns Yorkshire Farm Raffle

Win Barns Yorkshire Farm Raffle £50 and gain 18.6 acres of land with a superb county home

Barns Yorkshire Farm RaffleWinning Barns Yorkshire Farm Raffle would be easy if wasn’t for all the other entrants. But then again think about it, you could be the lucky winner.

The property comes with more eighteen acres of land, an enormous three bed stone house, eight stables, a tack room, feed room, six car garages, a barn and a workshop.

Historic North Riding is home to the beautiful town of Saltburn by Sea which has the last remaining pier. Barns Farm has farm reaching coastal view down to Northumberland on a clear day. The town was once famous for smuggling.

The raffle will be drawn in March 2018 and there will be 28,000 entries, Buy 20 and get one free. Do the maths, that adds up to and it to about £1.4 million less free entries.

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Gambling Laws in Hawaii

Gambling Laws in Hawaii are very strict

Gambling Laws in HawaiiInterstate law can vary in Hawaii due to the Indian Reservations but they are relatively strict. Generally, gambling laws in Hawaii ban the practice altogether.

Gambling is banned on a casino or cruise ship. Social gambling is permitted but only in private places in the Aloha States but only in private. It is not permitted in public places bars, restaurants, motels, hotels, nightclubs or business establishments.

The use of any kind of slot machine is banned and the possession of gambling records is banned in including bookmaking.

Also, wagering is prohibited on horse or dog races or in any public place. 

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