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Month: November 2017

Dagenham House Raffle

Dagenham House Raffle is under way

Dagenham House RaffleA new Dagenham house raffle is under way and you can win the house for just £2 subject to terms and conditions. The closing date for the raffle is 30th January 2018. The couple raffling it have decided to let the lucky new owners win it for a small sum.

The couple also hope to donate £25,000 to charity from the proceeds. There is no limit to the number of raffle tickets which can be purchased.

In order to enter the raffle you have to answer a simple question with your entry.

The owners need to sell tickets that amount to £350,000, to include the cost of things such as stamp duty, legal fees and administration costs.

The current owners are also offering the new owners support to become property investors to obtain an income from the property.

Your chance of winning this house is substantially higher than the chance of winning the National lottery and Euromillions. Continue reading

Why is Edge Sorting illegal in casinos?

Why is Edge Sorting illegal in casinos?

Edge SortingThe name of Phil Ivey will be associated with edge sorting and maybe would good reason. He was very good at it.

Playing cards do have minor differences which can read and exploited in certain circumstances. In the case of Phil Ivey it just got a little out of hand. It became a epic £7.7 million pound game and its official he cheat, he was found guilty of cheating.

Crockfords Casino in Mayfair fell victim to the edges sorters at a game of Punto Banco during 2012 but refused to pay out. Ivey took legal action and lost the case.

Crockfords claimed Ivey’s 40 year old gambling partner Cheuny Yin Sun used edge sorting techniues and refused to pay up. On Wednesday the Supreme Court ruled in favour of the Casino.

His Phil Iyey original £1 million pound stake was returned to him.

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Greenwich Property Raffle

Greenwich Property Raffle gets under way

Greenwich Property RaffleThis is the latest offer to join a property raffle in London. This two bedroom Greenwich property raffle is a prime area of real estate in the heart town. It is just minutes from the tube underground station.

You can win this apartment for just £5 and live mortgage for life. What an opportunity that would be to never owe a pound to anyone again. The existing owners of home decided to let the new owners do do just that. The only catch is you have to answer a multiple choice question.

The apartment is in a very smart part of London with quaint old streets. a daily market and of course lush green park for which the place is famous.

Constructed during 2008 the apartment has a third floor balcony. There also two bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen and a lounge.

Stamp duty fees and legal fees are also included in the price. The apartment will be ready to move into.

The competition will take place on 26th February or will take place until the maximum number of tickets has been sold. The draw will a made by an independent company.

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