The early 3D Video slot was something of a failure. They flopped rather like 3D TV. Maybe it was because of those hideous glasses you had to wear.

The Development of 3D Video Slot

3D video slotMicrogaming invested heavily in developing 3D technology for use on video slots. They launched their ” Sterling Silver” 3D slot machine for use in land based casinos. The first 3D video game used the same technology used in the TV industry. The downside of that was that you had to wear 3D glasses to enjoy the full benefit of the machine.

At first the game was very popular but it was not long before the novelty value wore off. At least Microgaming had the first crack at the new 3D video slot technology. Interestingly, we know now that not many people invested in 3D Televisions. Part of that might have been the lack of media available. TV Broadcasters did not get really get involved with 3D TV. The BBC terminated its own 3D television department back in 2013. The BBC concluded the public did not like wearing the glasses.

So, that was the end of 3D slot as we knew it then for land based casinos.

The online casino industry never produced a real 3D video game, there is a good reason for that. It is necessary to have a 3D monitor to enjoy the full benefit of 3D. Most Desktop PCs and regular mobile devices do not have 3D screens. Some mobile phone manufacturers have produced what they claim to be a 3D phone and development of the technology is still in progress. That tells you it may not have been very successful to date.

The problem is that three dimensional vision on a flat screen is not really possible without some form of polarisation. The inexpensive 3D glasses we are all familiar with are polarised to create the 3D effect. Effectively they are tricking the mind into seeing what is not really there.

Modern 3D Video Slots using enhanced graphics.

Some video gaming software providers in the slot machine industry have been working successfully with enhanced video technology. The mobile phone and television manufacturing companies have all been working on enhanced graphics so, the technology has moved on. Probably the biggest single major advance in screen graphics was High definition or HD as most of us now know it.

The online gaming industry has been a great platform for the development of video screen technology and online video slots. The enhance graphics software used for video games is also a major contributing factor to the users viewing experience.

Betsoft pioneered enhanced video slots, they have always be a front-runner is offering a cinema type gaming experience. Netent are another casino gaming software manufacturer producing games with enhanced graphics. Other casino software providers are also embracing new technology.

Currently, the most recent 3D video slots are very realistic using enhanced graphics. The development of enhanced graphics and screen technology will determine how the online casinos develop with their games.

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