Australian gambling laws seem very lapse, the have allowed Australians to become the highest wagerers per capita in the world.

Australian Gambling Laws

Australian Gambling LawsGambling Laws in Australia have generally been the responsibility of individual territories rather than Central Government. Gambling has become a problem in Australia and more recently central government is taking a more active stance. The negative impact of gambling on Australian Society has long been a matter of concern for the people of Australia.

Gambling is very popular in Australia. In fact it has the highest expenditure per head than any other county in the world. The laws have been very lapse, licensed land based casinos are permitted and indeed many exist. The new Crown Casino in Melbourne is a recently constructed Australian mega casino resort.

Legal Forms of Gambling in Australia

Poker gambling is legal in Australia, it is played widely both in casinos and online.

Bingo is also legal and it is played actively for money prizes throughout Australia. There are also Lotteries which operate at territory and state level. They are non-profit making and licensed within their jurisdiction.

Sports betting is legal in Australia. It is largely controlled by the Totalisator Agency Board or TAB as it is widely known. Tote wagers can be placed at fixed odds. There are around 3000 TAB outlets in many different locations to add to temptation.

The most informed would say the largest single problem is the legalisation of video slot machines. (or Pokies as they are called in Australia) Slot machines have been widely placed in pubs, bars and clubs throughout Australia. That makes gambling very accessible and tempting for ordinary people who might otherwise not have gambled. There lies the defect with local gambling laws.

Since the mid 1990’s, the rise in online casinos also added to the problem. Online gambling is also legal but during 2001 the Interactive Gambling Act was passed. The aim was to protect Australian Citizens from being drawn in to online gambling. This new gambling law did not target Australian citizens, only gambling operators. It prevented advertising and soliciting online gamblers to play with real money. It did not prevent Australian Gambling operators from offering their services to residents of other countries.

According to Australian gambling laws, winnings are not taxed because gambling is considered a recreational activity. This is a major advantage for gamblers in Australia.

Changes are afoot to local gambling laws. There has been widespread public and government recognition that gambling has become a big problem for Australian Society. It does seem that countries without strict gambling regulations do suffer as gambling becomes more accessible to the masses. Read about a new proposed Australian Gambling Law.

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