Win Barns Yorkshire Farm Raffle £50 and gain 18.6 acres of land with a superb county home

Barns Yorkshire Farm RaffleWinning Barns Yorkshire Farm Raffle would be easy if wasn’t for all the other entrants. But then again think about it, you could be the lucky winner.

The property comes with more eighteen acres of land, an enormous three bed stone house, eight stables, a tack room, feed room, six car garages, a barn and a workshop.

Historic North Riding is home to the beautiful town of Saltburn by Sea which has the last remaining pier. Barns Farm has farm reaching coastal view down to Northumberland on a clear day. The town was once famous for smuggling.

The raffle will be drawn in March 2018 and there will be 28,000 entries, Buy 20 and get one free. Do the maths, that adds up to and it to about £1.4 million less free entries.

The owner of the house is planning to make donations to two charities totalling £10,000, from the proceeds. There will also be runners-up and third prizes on flat screen TV’s.

The raffle draw for the house will be made will be made 7 days are the website announcement. All moneys will be securely held until the winner is informed.

The winner of the house will be able to move in six weeks after the draw.

Oh, and there is one thing, when you enter the competition you need to enter a question,  a simple question.

It is a freehold competition by the way.

Entering the Competition

Visit the property raffle website and submit your entry in accordance with the entry instructions. Win your dream home an become mortgage free.

The winner of this Barns Yorkshire Farm raffle will chosen at random.

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