Was it Bill Brennan, an employee at the Stardust Casino in Las Vegas who stole half a million dollars from the Casino? Was he the casino thief?

Bill Brennan was a humble casino employee but was he the casino thief?

Bill Brennan Casino ThiefAlthough there was no evidence, Bill Brennan was thought to have stolen the half a million dollars. Strange as it may seem, it is alleged that he just walked out with the money and disappeared. He was never found to answer to any allegations so, it is still a mystery to this day.

It was 1992 and Bill Brennan had been working at the Stardust Casino in Las Vegas for four years. By all accounts he was a bit of a loner with not too much personality. They say that, initially he was a good worker but he was later turned down for promotion. Maybe he developed a chip on his shoulder.

Bill Brennan was an intelligent man and he would have had every opportunity to plan such a crime. He must have realised that security was pretty lapse. As a cashier he would have seen everything he needed to know. The amazing thing about this is that the Casino had not planned for the eventuality that a member of staff would steal from them. Furthermore, that such a large sum of money was stolen. There were CCTV cameras in place but the video tape recordings did not produce any evidence to identify the casino thief.

So, it is alleged that Bill Brennan took the half a million dollars in Casino Chips and combinations of notes from the security cage. He then just calmly walked out of the casino at the end of his shift, never to be seen again. When the loss was discovered the Police became involved but it took them a while for them to realise a member of staff might have been the casino thief.

Did Bill Brennan commit the crime?

Bill Brennan would have had time to pack his suitcase and escape the clutches of the Police. It is widely believed he committed the crime after all, he was never seen again. When the Police went to his apartment he had vacated it, even his cat was gone. There was a theory that he might have been working with an accomplice but no evidence was ever found. Maybe he did have a partner in crime who murdered him and ran away with the proceeds.

Quite a few possibilities were investigated by Police. Interestingly, Bill Brennan had been known to read a book about identity change, could that be what he did? There was a lot of speculation. Some say he might have escaped to Mexico or Canada.

It is probably safe to say that Bill Brennan was the casino thief. What little evidence there is does suggest he was the guilty party. Since the crime was committed, there has not been any further clue or evidence as to the whereabouts of Bill Brennan. Was Bill Brennan the casino thief?

If he was the casino thief, it was a perfectly executed crime, one of the most simple thefts in history. It has remained a cold case since the time it was committed.

Needless to say this led to state of the art security in casinos, especially the Stardust Casino. Many additional CCTV cameras were installed. These days, detailed background checks are carried out on potential employees before they are hired.

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