This Bitcoin converter is the most versatile widget we found, live real-time prices in 24 currencies with historical prices.

Bitcoin Converter (BTC Converter)

As you will see, Bitcoin prices started really rising during 2013. Select your currency and click “MAX” to see how prices have risen on this BTC converter.

Bitcoin Exchange

When buying or selling  BTC’s please ensure that the operator you about to trade with is a bona-fide business. Check that they are a reputable business and that they can be contacted at an address which does exist. You are advised to verify that address in advance before you trade BTC. Be careful to ensure your money is stored safely and protected by all necessary safeguards.Bitcoin Converter

Many online casinos now accept BTC for payment. There is no intermediary involved so there are no commissions to be paid to banks. Netbet became the first online casino to use BTC as a method of payment. Bitcoin gambling is already becoming popular, not just with online casinos. Bitcoin ATMs are already being installed in land based casinos.

More and more businesses are accepting it as a method of payment, there are already thousands of them. All you need to do is sign up for an electronic wallet to store your money and credit BTC’s to it. You can also earn money and be paid the virtual currency.

BTC is the best known cryptocurrency because it was one of the first. Sooner or later, virtual currency or digital currency will take over the world because it does not involve banks, only for the initial purchase or sale of BTC’s. They can be traded in the same way as foreign exchange so it is possible to make money by trading them against world currencies.


There is not one organisation responsible for BTC. When you deal in them you are using internet based information which is controlled by protocols. Those protocols were set up to ensure security in transactions. More and more people are trusting the currency as an acceptable payment method in the same way that they began to trust ewallets like Paypal and Skrill.

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