Select the right Bitcoin wallet for you

Bitcoin WalletThere are several options for choosing a Bitcoin wallet to store your coins. You can obtain a bitcoin address and store them on you own device. We do not recommend that because your computer or device could be hacked, stolen or suffer a castastrophic failure. Painful lessons have already been learned.

You can also sign up to a cloud based bitcoin wallet but we do not recommend that either because somewhere on that server your password will be stored and it could be accessed by personnel, or even hacked by a third-party.

The system we recommend is the hybrid StrongCoin wallet. It works in the same way as other Bitcoin wallets but the Bitcoin private key is encrypted in you browser before it reaches the Strongcoin server. It provides another layer of security for you. That way no one else can access you Bitcoin, only you. Your private key is not visible to anyone else but you. Your Bitcoin are held on the blockchain but only you have access to them.

Strong Coin started 5 years ago in this relatively new market but they now have more than 100,000 clients who hold Bitcoin wallets in their system. You can choose where you buy your Bitcoin from to get the best price. StrongCoin can help you with buying and selling your Bitcoin. Alternatively you can use the increasing number of Bitcoin brokers but you must have a wallet before yo can do anything with Bitcoin.

You can access the StrongCoin website using a desktop PC or mobile device. Signing up for a  StrongCoin wallet is free, why not check it out now. It only takes a few minutes to open an account. All you need is a username and a password.

Sign up of a Bitcoin Wallet

More about Bitcoin

It you are new to Bitcoin and you want to know more we have written quite a few articles about Bitcoin. During 2016 Bitcoin took centre stage as the preferred virtual currency of the world. It also doubled in value which is an astounding fact.

The advantage of using Bitcoin is that your personal details are confidential. That means your bank cannot see your Bitcoin transactions, they are invisible.

Many online casinos are switching to Bitcoin in recognition that players prefer to remain private if possible. Using Bitcoin is the ideal way to do that. See out reviews of Bitcoin online casinos.

It may interest you to know that the banks are investing in Bitcoin yet as far as we are aware you cannot hold a personal Bitcoin account with a bank. You do not need a bank to use Bitcoin. That is the beauty of it.

If you want to see how your currency stands with Bitcoin use our live currency converter.