This is real. When I stumbled upon an article about this card cheating mobile phone I had no idea how sophisticated it was. Watch the video to see how remarkable it really is.

Card Cheating Mobile Phone

Card Cheating Mobile Phone Device

Elie Bursztein, head of the anti-abuse research team at Google made an interesting discovery. He revealed this modified smart phone at the recent DEF CON 24 Conference.

He purchased a specially modified smart phone which uses infra-red light to identify face down playing cards. It resembles a standard Samsung mobile phone. However, this card cheating mobile phone works by using three secret led lights which can read the topside of a specially marked deck of cards. It works by identifying the surface pattern of each card. It only works with a modified deck of cards but it has opened up some hi-tech cheating possibilities.

This card cheating mobile phone is made in China and has a custom ROM which allows the user to switch to cheating mode by opening a password protected app called “Games”. It runs with an Android operating system and works normally as a mobile phone. It also looks like a normal mobile device. The specially adapted mobile phone can be purchased for a discounted price of $1,500 US direct from the factory. In the US they are selling for around $5,000.

We have not acquired or tested the device but claims are that it can be used to read visible tops of cards. Apparently the device can be configured for a number of scenarios, game type and number of players. The drawback is it has to be set up for a specific marked deck of cards. Aimed at Poker cheating, this device could be used for any form of card game.

This card cheating mobile phone is an extremely clever piece of technology. It works by scanning pixels on the tops of cards at various angles and positions. It is mind-blowing that this could be achieved and must have taken a long time to develop.

Watch the Video – This device is for real

In this video you can see an in-depth study of this device. If you are thinking how it might be used watch the video. Wearing a remote radio earpiece you can hear which card is coming next. It is an amazing device.

Finally, full credit is given to Elie Bursztein for his diligent  and well presented research. A real eye opener for me.

If you are interested in other security scams or hacking technology visit the DEF CON website.

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