It was announced this week that 20-year-old Casino Niagra is to be given a facelift to keep it attractive and improve customer experience.

Casino Niagra to be given a refit

Casino Niagra TowerThe casino opened in 1996 in Niagra Falls, Ontario Canada. It is a popular tourist attraction next Clifton Hill with a striking tower which offered magnificent views over the Niagra district. The only problem is the tower has now been closed for safety reasons.

It is a publicly owned casino, constructed by the Crown Agency funded by lottery and gaming revenue. The casino has 1300 video lot and poker machines, including 350 with progressive slot jackpots. There is a poker room and table gaming area with 30 tables offering most of the popular card games and roulette. Niagra Casino runs regular tournaments and promotions. There are four restaurants, the Lucky Steakhouse, the Market Buffet, Perks Cafe and the Quench Bar.

A massive 9.2 million people visited casinos in Niagra during 2015, up 5.4 per cent over the previous year. Hotel occupancy remained at virtually 100% with casino theatre performances being at 98% capacity over 296 shows.

Being 20 years old now the casino is ready for an upgrade to keep it attractive for visitors. Originally the casino was considered to be a temporary building, it was scheduled to move to a new site but that was taken over by the Niagra Fallsview Casino Resort. So, the casino became a permanent structure. The tower was given white panelling and illuminated signage. Today the tower is regarded and an eyesore because the steel trusses which are visible through the panelling are corroding. The white panels are also getting stained by rust. The tower is considered unsafe and is no longer open to the public.


During a recent announcement it was declared that $5.3 million dollars was going to be spent on the landmark Casino Niagra. That includes $2.5 million to be spent on new casino floor technology. Dining facilities will be upgraded and money spent on enhancing customer experience. Also, entrances are to be made more appealing by upgrading.

Nothing has been said about money being spent on the tower, since it has been closed you would expect that to be a priority but maybe it is not. Although the upper structure has been declared unsafe and elevators are no longer in good order it remains as a controversial feature of the development. It will take a great deal of investment to upgrade it or take it down, or maybe replace it. It used to be a popular observation deck but now it is described a blot on the landscape.

The casino has a good reputation for giving to community projects and charities. On their 20th birthday they gave more than 75 thousand dollars to five local charities.

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