Casino Tourism and how the two attract

Casino TourismSince the first casinos were built the impact on tourism was all too all to apparent. Casino tourism has been a successful partnership the world over.

The most recent success has been Macau which has overtaken the world in terms of gambling revenue, before that Las Vegas was the top destination. Even before that Monte Carlo was the pioneer gambling resort. These high stake investments all changed the fortunes of the locations. Indeed, it is hard to think of any location where gambling has not promoted tourism.

Japan has recently legalised casinos in order to boost tourism. The decisions made to develop casinos are nearly always governmental. Vietnam and Cambodia are also making inroads to develop casino tourism.

The success of gambling tourism is usually determined by location. In the case of Macau, success was born out of having a land border with China where gambling is illegal. The far eastern countries like Singapore, Korea and the Philippines which do permit gambling have all attracted gambling tourists from China. Gambling in Russia is restricted to a handful of designated tourist areas including the black sea holiday resorts.

One sure way to keep gambling in casinos under control is to keep it located in tourist areas. In most cases the growth of tourism is influenced by growing casino markets. Macau and Las Vegas are the prime example. New casino developments in Australia on the Gold  Coast and in Melbourne have also been successful, they have also attracted south-east Asian tourists.

Expanding Gambling Tourism

Las Vegas quickly became famous for it high end entertainment shows which offered an alternative to casino gambling. Average visitors to Las Vegas would stay for a long weekend or an extended break.

By contrast many visitors to Macau do not even stop over, they go for gambling day trips. On average, nearly 100,000 visitors arrive every day in Macau. Many arrive on ferries or by using land based transport. It may not be fair to consider day trippers as casino tourists but most are visiting the casinos.

During the past decade the upsurge in tourism in casino areas must be attributed mostly to Macau but others may add to the market as time moves on.

The gambling market has been greatly expanded by tourism but analysis shows much has been because the wider market of Asia now has the ability to travel to visit a casino. These days, not many Asian tourists visit Las Vegas. However people do have ability to travel to visit casino areas and casino tourism definately does exist.

One thing in the analysis is certain. Opening a new casino a non tourist location would not be advisable because local visitor numbers would be too small. The other interesting factor is that investment into large scale resort style casino would not be an attractive proposition outside of a tourist area.

Add to that the want for governments to restrict casinos to specialised areas and it is easy to see how casinos and tourism attract. Casinos simply would not pay if there were too many of them. History has shown that areas with a plethora of casinos attract gambling tourism.

The growth of online gambling does not seem to have diluted the growth in land based casino businesses. That is probably because of where the land based businesses have been located. It is the casinos that attract the tourists.

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