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UK Gambling Petition to Adapt Child Gambling Laws

New UK Gambling Petition

uk gambling petitionThe UK Government and Parliament have accepted a new UK Gambling Petition. The Petition seeks to adapt gambling laws to include video games, which target children and vulnerable adults.

In recent years, many video game companies have introduced mechanics which target children. At the moment, they those traits are not considered under the current law. The concern is that addictive playing can lead to real money being won or lost.

Currently the new UK Gambling Petition has 16,366 signatures. It requires 100,000 before can debated in Parliament. The Petition will run until 4th April 2018 which means it has a good chance of  succeeding. You can read the full Petition and sign it here.

On 11 October the government published the Internet Safety Strategy, setting out plans to make the UK the safest place in the world to be online. The Strategy outlines how the government will work with online platforms, game publishers and game developers, and with agencies such as the VSC Rating Board, to continue to improve online safety in games. This includes promoting further awareness and understanding of PEGI age ratings, parental controls and advice on safe gaming.

Gambling with video games which target children involves the use of virtual currency. The use of real currency is being made all to easy by some UK companies. Recently, China amended their laws to prevent the use of “so called” loot boxes which were considered to a form of gambling, which totally illegal in China.

There is a really cool map which shows whereabouts the signatures which have originated from within the UK. It is early days yet to predict the outcome of the Petition.

UK Gambling Commisson

We give support to the UK Gambling Commission for support against non adult gambling. In our opinion, growth has been extreme in the gambling sector and greater is control is required in a number of areas.

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Pennsylvania Gambling Expansion Approved

Pennsylvania Gambling expansion plans have been approved

Pennsylvania Gambling ExpansionYesterday, a wide-reaching Pennsylvania gambling expansion plans was approved with huge implications. It was the largest change seen by lawmakers since casinos were approved more than a decade since.

The change was promulgated by a need to repair a hole in the state budget and was voted by a majority of 109 to 72 with support from both GOP and Democratic Leaders. This was a huge opportunity to balance the books for the years to come.

The plans will include the expansion of casino style gambling style gambling trucks stops and casinos facilities at airport waiting lounges. Ten new casinos are planned across state.

However the widest sweeping plan is for State wide online casino gambling to be introduced. The new facilities will make Pennsylvania the fourth state to allow internet gambling. Casino and lottery games will be facilitated online to appeal to younger players. There will also be a spin-off as the lottery funds the elderly to play Keno.

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Gambling Laws in Hawaii

Gambling Laws in Hawaii are very strict

Gambling Laws in HawaiiInterstate law can vary in Hawaii due to the Indian Reservations but they are relatively strict. Generally, gambling laws in Hawaii ban the practice altogether.

Gambling is banned on a casino or cruise ship. Social gambling is permitted but only in private places in the Aloha States but only in private. It is not permitted in public places bars, restaurants, motels, hotels, nightclubs or business establishments.

The use of any kind of slot machine is banned and the possession of gambling records is banned in including bookmaking.

Also, wagering is prohibited on horse or dog races or in any public place. 

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Antigua Gambling Dispute

Antigua Gambling Dispute continues without resolution

Antigua Gambling DisputeA long running Antigua gambling dispute has added to the hardship of the economy. The dispute centres around online gambling and has been running for many years.

The dispute has cost the islands around $200 million dollars and goes back to the 1990’s when Antigua was a centre for online gambling casinos, popular with American citizens.

During the peak time the Antigua gambling industry employed 4000 people an generated a revenue of $3.4 billion dollars annually. Currently the onling gambling industry provides jobs for just 300 – 400 people. It has contracted by around 90% which has be a major setback for the islands.

The problem began then the US started a campaign to prevent Americans from gambling at the many online casinos which quickly sprung up on the nation. It was a boom time for the islands which subsequently fell victim to new US policy.

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Brazil Gambling Ban Under Review

Brazil to Regulate Casino Gambling

Brazil GamblingFor 75 years Brazil has imposed a gambling ban. Now it is under review to help plug the nation’s budget deficit. In Brazil gambling is under review.

In 1941 Brazil outlawed gambling in Brazil as part  of their Criminal Contravention Act. President Eurico Dutra issued a decree to shut down all existing casinos.

Currently only Lotteries, as well as poker and betting on horse races are legal. The latter were accepted as skill based activities.

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Polish Gambling Law

Polish Gambling Law Shake-up

Polish Gambling LawPolish Gambling Law is undergoing a major shake-up as new EU gambling laws take effect from 31st March 2017.

This week, William Hill and Bet365 have both announced they are leaving the Polish online gambling market after months of uncertainty. EnergyBet and Pinnacle also followed earlier this year.

From April 1st, it is necessary for gambling firms to operate only from within Poland. Unless operators have a local gambling licence they will no longer be able to operate from within or without.

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New German Gambling Treaty

New German Gambling Treaty from March 2018

German Gambling TreatyGerman lawmaking states just gave the green light to a revised German gambling treaty which will streamline gambling in  Germany.

The sixteen states voted to lift the cap on the number sports betting licences to allow foreign gambling operators in the country.

The treaty also sets out plans for stronger enforcement against unauthorised operators. The possibility of allowing online casinos to operate in the future has been left open.

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Quirky Irish Gambling Judgement

Irish Gambling Judgement rules against winner

Irish Gambling JudgementWhen is a winner not a winner? The answer is when the winner cannot collect the winnings! That Irish Gambling Judgement was made yesterday. This story was published by Calvin Ayre and also in the Irish Times.

The case was bought to an Irish Civil Court yesterday by Sayed Mirwais against a private members gambling club in Dublin, D1 Casino.

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UK Gambling and Money Laundering

UK Gambling and EU Anti-Money Laundering Directives

UK Gambling and EU Anti-Money Laundering DirectivesHow will UK Gambling and EU anti-money laundering directives be affected by new legislation which comes into effect on 27th June 2017?

During June 2015, the 4th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (EU) No. 2015/849  entered into force. EU Member States have to implement the 4th Anti-Money-Laundering Directive (AMLD) by 26 June 2017 into national law.

The UK Government has announced that only the holders of UK Casino Operating Licences will be affected by the latest money laundering regulations. The latest AMLDs  are to become law in a few months time.

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Vietnam Gambling makes some progress

Vietnam Gambling Progress

Vietnam Gambling ProgressSince Japan decided to legalise casinos they have been centre stage but what about the merits of Vietnam as an up and coming casino destination? Vietnam gambling progress is also being made.

Vietnam has also been interesting global casino groups because it has a strong economy, it is a tourist destination with 3,400 kilometres are tropical beaches and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Casinos could blend in well in such pleasing environments.

Add to that a border with China and potentially you have frontier with a sizeable amount of of gambling tourists.

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