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Virtual Reality Gambling

Virtual Reality Gambling  is set to increase

Virtual Reality GamblingVirtual reality gambling is set to increase as new technology enters the market. Indicators show that the market will increase from just over £40 million this year to £423 million by 2021.

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Online Virtual Reality Casino

The online virtual reality casino has already been born. Could this be the new craze in online gaming?

Join an online Virtual Reality Casino

SlotsMillion Virtual Reality CasinoVirtual Reality (VR) was something which was promoted by Sega Games 20 years ago. They produced the first virtual reality helmet. Since then, computer technology has moved on dramatically and virtual reality in gaming has become hugely popular. The development of virtual reality helmets has been amazing since those early days.

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3D Video Slot

The early 3D Video slot was something of a failure. They flopped rather like 3D TV. Maybe it was because of those hideous glasses you had to wear.

The Development of 3D Video Slot

3D video slotMicrogaming invested heavily in developing 3D technology for use on video slots. They launched their ” Sterling Silver” 3D slot machine for use in land based casinos. The first 3D video game used the same technology used in the TV industry. The downside of that was that you had to wear 3D glasses to enjoy the full benefit of the machine.

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