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Why is Edge Sorting illegal in casinos?

Why is Edge Sorting illegal in casinos?

Edge SortingThe name of Phil Ivey will be associated with edge sorting and maybe would good reason. He was very good at it.

Playing cards do have minor differences which can read and exploited in certain circumstances. In the case of Phil Ivey it just got a little out of hand. It became a epic £7.7 million pound game and its official he cheat, he was found guilty of cheating.

Crockfords Casino in Mayfair fell victim to the edges sorters at a game of Punto Banco during 2012 but refused to pay out. Ivey took legal action and lost the case.

Crockfords claimed Ivey’s 40 year old gambling partner Cheuny Yin Sun used edge sorting techniues and refused to pay up. On Wednesday the Supreme Court ruled in favour of the Casino.

His Phil Iyey original £1 million pound stake was returned to him.

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Bally Slot Machines

Bally Slot Machines – Casino History

Bally Slot MachinesThere is something about Bally slot machines iconic design which deserves a place in casino history. Line them up and they take on a space age look, add the sound of a casino and chance of beating the machine and you have an awesome formula. Which slot will deliver the best wins though, what joy they bring to the casino.

The Bally Story

The first slot machine was invented in 1887 by Charles Fey a garage mechanic from San Francisco. It was mechanically crude but very attractive and the slot machine soon caught in bars and restaurants all over America.

It was not until 1932 that the Bally slot machines empire started. Founded by Raymond Moloney, he was a man with a mission to provide pin ball machines for a growing new market. The Bally Manufacturing company was founded in Chicago and later expanded into the manufacture of slot machines for casinos. They re-named themselves Bally Entertainment and provided a whole range of services including health clubs and theme parks.

They will probably be best remembered for their contribution to the world of slot machines, which spanned several decades. Their name became synonymous with quality and service throughout the fast growing casino and interactive entertainment industries.

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Stanley Fujitake – The Golden Arm Hawaiian Craps King

Stanley Fujitake – Hawaiian Golden Arm King of Craps

Stanley Fujitake - Hawaiian Craps King Golden Arm ClubStanley Fujitake is remembered for a famous day in May 1989 when he rolled the dice 118 times for more than three hours. He earned the title, Hawaiian Craps King, founded the Golden Arm Club and won around $30,000 dollars. It happened at the California Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

The owner of the casino at time was Sam Boyd who offered cheap vacation packages to the Hawaiian Islanders. The casino was down-town but that did not seem to matter. Hawaiians were attracted to the cheap packages in their droves, sometimes the flights cost less the $10. It was one of those tourism ideas which clicked and fell into place. The Alohan language is spoken for the Islanders and hotel has a Hawaiian theme.

Those of you who understand playing craps will know that holding onto the dice of even half an hour is an unusual feat. One hour is outstanding but more the three hours set a record at the time.  For those of you who would like to understand the game of craps, check this out. Continue reading

Demolition Video – Las Vegas Casinos

Demolition Video of the old Las Vegas casinos being demolished

Demolition Video - Las Vegas Casinos

Las Vegas needed to expand to meet an overwhelming demand. Whilst land was readily available to build it was not in the heart of Las Vegas. The optimum solution was demolition of the old Las Vegas casinos and rebuilding on a larger scale. So that’s what they did in spectacular style. This demolition video captures those often implosive moments.

Demolition of the casinos often took place in confined spaces so great attention was paid to safety.

Often memorabilia collectors were given the chance to bag a few souvenirs before the final act.

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Blackjack History

Blackjack History – The Origins 

Blackjack HistoryBlackjack history began in 1440 when it was referred to by a French priest, the name of the game was Trente-un. (Thirty-one). By 1570 it was mentioned in the text of the famous French author Miguel de Cervantes who went on to write Don Quixote. The rules of “thirty-one” were not written for preserve but it was probably a game in which the score of the winning hand equated to 31.

Because the game was so simple there were many early variations of early card scoring games in France and Spain. The concept of a card game using a deck where the next card drawn would have a low probability of the player hitting a the target score and a high probability of not reaching it was exciting. Do you take another card and go past the target score or stick win with highest hand.

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History of Baccarat

The History of Baccarat

History of BaccaratThe History of Baccarat is tied to France and Italy and goes back to the fifteenth century. Initially when baccarat was played in Italy, Tarot cards were used but later the 52 card deck was introduced.

The name originates from the Italian word “baccara” which translates to   English as zero. It was played with a 52 card deck and in the game the ten, jack, queen and king all have zero value. So a hand of six and four also has a value of zero.

Baccarat gained popularity with the upper classes in France and Italy. It was however played by the middle classes in the many illegal clubs which existed at the time.

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History of Casino Craps

The History of Casino Craps – How it all started

History of Casino CrapsThe History of casino craps may take us back to the Crusades. There was an early English game called Hazard from which it is thought to be derived from. Hazard has been dated back to the 14th century, it was mentioned in Chaucer’s popular Canterbury Tales. It was a game played with 2 dice.

The original game of Hazard was played for money as far back as 17th century at London’s Crockfords Club. The rules were very complicated but it still became a very popular table game.

Craps was derived from Hazard by simplifying the rules. It was influence by French gamblers wo took the game to France. The modern American version we now know as craps was taken to New Orleans Bernard Xavier Phillipe de Marigny de Mandeville. He was a gambler, a politician and a descendant of wealthy Louisianna landowners.

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Playing Card History

Playing Card History – How it all started

Playing Card History - Playing CardsPlaying card history evolved from domino cards. The origins of playing cards go back many centuries, they were invented during 9th Century in China. The modern pack of 52 cards is now generally accepted all over the world.

It is likely that playing cards originated in the same way as currency. Pieces of wood, bone and stone were used as small recognisable items of value. It is possible that the first early games involved playing with items of value used as wagers.

The first playing cards were of course printed, using wooden blocks, but carved bone was used before that. Early pictures from China show a 32 card domino pack with 21 combinations of a pair of dice as symbols. Playing card history can only extracted from what is written, and that was very little in terms of survival.

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The History of Trible Casinos on Indian Reservations

The History of Tribal Casinos in the US

Tribal Casinos on Indian ReservationsIt all began back in the seventies when the Seminole Tribe in Florida launched a bingo operation. The history of tribal casinos on Indian reservations was born out of a Supreme Court Ruling in 1979.

The State of Florida took action against a new bingo operation on an Indian Reservation which became a  popular tourist attraction. Gambling was illegal across most of the US including Florida and the authorities  tried to close down. A run of lawsuits led to the Supreme Court ruling which declared the state of Florida did not have jurisdiction over Indian Reservations activities. It was against the US Constitution.

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Poker History

The History of Poker

Poker HistoryPoker history is an interesting subject. Poker evolved over many centuries derived from various games to be what it is today. It was invented as a game of deceit.

It took popularity with the invention of playing cards and dominoes as far back as the ninth century in China. Bluff would have been a good name for the game.

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