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Las Vegas Casino donations to victims

Las Vegas Casino donations to shooting victims have been very generous

Las Vegas Casino DonationsLas Vegas casino donations to shooting victims have been very surprising but very welcome for the victims of the horrific attack on 2nd October.

59 victims died an 525 were injured in the indiscriminate gun attack launched on Las Vegas by John Paddock at the Mandalay Bay Hotel.
The Donations

MGM Resorts lead the way by donating $3 million to victims and first responders. They are also providing lodging, transportation, food and grief counselling to the victims and their families. MGM Resorts own and operate the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

A spokesman for MGM Resorts expressed grief and outrage over the senseless on Las Vegas community. He said that he hoped the donation would make a difference to those here were harmed of left behind.

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Stanley Fujitake – The Golden Arm Hawaiian Craps King

Stanley Fujitake – Hawaiian Golden Arm King of Craps

Stanley Fujitake - Hawaiian Craps King Golden Arm ClubStanley Fujitake is remembered for a famous day in May 1989 when he rolled the dice 118 times for more than three hours. He earned the title, Hawaiian Craps King, founded the Golden Arm Club and won around $30,000 dollars. It happened at the California Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

The owner of the casino at time was Sam Boyd who offered cheap vacation packages to the Hawaiian Islanders. The casino was down-town but that did not seem to matter. Hawaiians were attracted to the cheap packages in their droves, sometimes the flights cost less the $10. It was one of those tourism ideas which clicked and fell into place. The Alohan language is spoken for the Islanders and hotel has a Hawaiian theme.

Those of you who understand playing craps will know that holding onto the dice of even half an hour is an unusual feat. One hour is outstanding but more the three hours set a record at the time.  For those of you who would like to understand the game of craps, check this out. Continue reading

Demolition Video – Las Vegas Casinos

Demolition Video of the old Las Vegas casinos being demolished

Demolition Video - Las Vegas Casinos

Las Vegas needed to expand to meet an overwhelming demand. Whilst land was readily available to build it was not in the heart of Las Vegas. The optimum solution was demolition of the old Las Vegas casinos and rebuilding on a larger scale. So that’s what they did in spectacular style. This demolition video captures those often implosive moments.

Demolition of the casinos often took place in confined spaces so great attention was paid to safety.

Often memorabilia collectors were given the chance to bag a few souvenirs before the final act.

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MGM Grand Casino Las Vegas

Visiting the MGM Grand Casino Las Vegas

MGM Grand Casino Las VegasVisiting the MGM Grand Casino Las Vegas is an experience to remember. The building itself is a massive icon in the centre of Vegas. The MGM Grand is owned by MGM Resorts International, they are one of the largest casino companies in the world.

Not surprisingly, this MGM Casino is one of the main public areas of the hotel complex. It has as much,  if not more gaming space as any other resort casino in Las Vegas.

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Wynn Las Vegas Casino

Wynn Las Vegas Casino

The Hotel

The Wynn Las Vegas Casino website will probably get you twisted in knots if you try to understand all the room types. There are Wynn and Encore Tower Suites and Resort Rooms, then there are so many sub-types of those you might need some help working it all out.

Many of hotel restaurants hold Forbes Guide 4 Star and there is a good choice of food from casual dining, vegan, healthy eating and to suit any palate. There are also entertainment venues where to can dine and enjoy a show. There are normally some entertaining shows on. If its night-life you are looking for there are quite a few nightclubs to be visited to make the most of your night.

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Lucky Dragon Casino opening in Las Vegas

It has been 6 years since the last new build Cosmopolitan Casino opened on the Las Vegas strip. On December 3rd the newly built Lucky Dragon Casino will be open for business.

Lucky Dragon Casino Opening 3rd December 2016

Lucky Dragon CasinoThe casino is a brand new Asian themed operation which is opening soon on the North End of the Las Vega strip. It has been in development for five years so you can expect it to be an exceptional venue. It is no surprise that the casino will be opened on time.

The doors have already been open for a week to allow visitors to preview the facilities. The entire facility has been planned literally to offer a taste of the Orient.

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The History of Las Vegas

The History of Las Vegas make interesting reading. It can be seen as a rags to riches transformation from an oasis to mega gambling destination.

The Early History of Las Vegas

The History of Las Vegas 1906This photo of Las Vegas was taken in 1906, the year after the rail road came to Las Vegas in 1905. Prior to that there had been some early Mormon settlements and even earlier it was used as a staging post for merchants trading between California an Mexico. Whilst it is in the Mojave desert it is an oasis otherwise there would never have been any settlement of any kind. Las Vegas translates from Spanish as “the meadows”.

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Las Vegas Gambling Laws

Las Vegas Gambling Laws apply to the State of Nevada where gambling was legalised in 1931 to purge out illegal underground gambling activities.

Las Vegas a Brief History

Las Vegas Gambling LawsLas Vegas as we now know it did exist as far back as 1829 as an oasis in the Mojave desert. It became a staging post for merchants trading between Mexico and California on what was called the Old Spanish Trail. It was then dubbed as  the City of Lights. When the rail road was introduced in 1905 it quickly became known as Sin City. Later, it’s popularity saw it grow into the gambling Mecca of world. Las Vegas translates from Spanish as “the meadows”, an appropriate name for an oasis in the desert.

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Caesars Palace Las Vegas

There were only about a dozen hotel casinos in the mid sixties, they were dwarfed by Caesars Palace Las Vegas when it opened in 1966. Developing the place was possibly the biggest gambles of all time.

Caesars Palace Las Vegas

Caesars Palace in Las Vegas has been around since it opened in 1966 as the Desert Palace. Originally it was going to be called the Cabana Palace, Being a Roman themed hotel and Casino in the middle of the Nevada desert it needed something to draw in the customers. In fact building the place was a huge risk take on behalf of the promoters but hey, it worked. It was funded with a $10.6 million loan which was a lot of money 50 years ago. Las Vegas now receives over 40 million visitors per year.

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Bellagio Casino Las Vegas

The Bellagio Casino Las Vegas is a classy gaming venue on the Vegas strip with a romantic Italian theme. Ideal for a bit of retail therapy and some gourmet feed.

The Bellagio Casino Las Vegas

It is an established as a front running hotel in Las Vegas. It offers luxurious rooms, gourmet dining, designer shopping outlets and good variety of entertainment. The fountains of Bellagio are famous they have appeared in many commercials and movies. Furthermore, there are 19 restaurants to choose from, something for everybody. Every 15 minutes the outside fountains oscillate in harmony with classical music from Broadway.  At night this fountain display is spectacular. Not surprisingly everyone gets fountain fever.

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