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Win a London House Raffle for £2

South Bank London House Raffle under way

South Bank London House Raffle8 Camelot Street London SE28 is the latest London house raffle. This detached two bedroom garden home is next to the River Thames. You could win this delightful house complete with a new kitchen and bathroom for £2. Create your dream space.

Miss Page the owner of this house was let down twice just be for contracts were due to be exchanged on her house so she took her property off the market and entered it in a London house raffle.

The live draw will take place on Friday 1st June 2018 in Woolwich where the winner will be presented with the prize at 3.30 pm. The closing time is 31st May.

You can enter the competition  an unlimited number of times. After you have made your entry you will be required to enter a skill based trivia question, The link will be sent to you after you have purchased your raffle ticket.

You can pay for your tickets using either BACS or via the Eventbrite payment facility. Beware refunds are not possible.

Entry is via the event website at Hyperexit.

The Area

This modern house is situated in wonderful area dubbed as the “Woolwich Creative District”. Woolwich is home to the Tall Ships Festival and the Greenwich and Docklands International Festival. The new £30 million arts and events centre is set to compete with the nearby South Bank. Woolwich is also a great viewing spot for the London Marathon.

Woolwich is already has a thriving town and the The Royal Arsenal area now is famous eateries. Greenwich Market, the O2 and the Historical Cutty Sark are also just down the road.

The new Crossrail link will take you to the City in 20 in minutes and there are other abundant transport connections all over town, including to the new Queen Elizabeth Park at Stratford.

Visit our web page to see other property raffle competitions.

Southampton House Raffle

Southampton House Raffle – 47 Liverpool Street

Southampton House RaffleYou could have the opportunity to win this Southampton house raffle for just £5 plus a small processing fee. It is well located in the centre of Southampton.

Two female students bought the house together a couple of years and now they are ready to move on into their own homes. The inevitable has happened but what better way to move the house on. The new owner will be mortgage free, yes that’s how a property raffle works.

The house is valued at £230,000 and is being sold furnished. The competition may close before the closing date which is 9th June 2018 if the maximum number of entries is reached before that date. 100,000 entries are required.

There is another advantage too, the current owners will donate £15,000 each to two charities.

There is also a second prize of £3,000 for the runner up. Continue reading

Manchester House Raffle – Win a mortgage free house

Manchester House Raffle – Win a 3 Bed Home in Central Manchester for £5

Manchester House Raffle get on the housing ladder mortgage freeThis Manchester House Raffle is a golden opportunity to get on the housing ladder mortgage free. Win a nearly new three bed detached house for a fiver.

A change of circumstances in on persons live, however sad could be a positive life-changing experience for some lucky family. Sadly for the most, that’s how life works, it can’t be all bad.

So, you can win this mortgage free house for just one £5 entry, the current estate agents valuation is £240,000. The maximum number of tickets being sold is 135 thousand so that means the odds of winning are 135 thousand to one. Making more entries increases your odds winning. Making 5 entries increases your chance to 27,000 to one.

This house raffle closes on 23rd April 2018.

Entrants are all required to use their skill and judgement to answer three simple questions.

The Manchester house raffle competition can be entered on this website. Continue reading

Reve House Property Contest – Win a River Thames House

Reve House Property Contest – Win a stylish River Thames House in Berkshire

The Reve House Property Contest to win a stylish River Thames house The Reve House Property Contest is a exciting opportunity to win a stylish  River Thames house situated on the river bank with wonderful views. The cost of a ticket is just £25.

A maximum of 500,000 tickets are to be sold and house is valued at £3.5 million pounds. The contest is due to close on 28th March 2018 but may be extended by 3 months.

The winner will be determined by a “spot the ball contest” The centre of the ball will determined by three independent judges. In the event of a tie there will be a further tie breaker competition.

Helen and Gary Weller, who designed and built Reve House in Berkshire, came up with the idea of a contest to win the property after struggling to sell the luxurious multi-million pound home.

You can visit the website to enter the Reve House property contest here. Continue reading

Swythamley Chapel Staffordshire Church Raffle – Win a Church

Win a Staffordshire Church Raffle in the Peak District

Swythamley Chapel Staffordshire Church Raffle - Win a ChurchWin a Staffordshire Church Raffle, yes you could, win a church mortgage free. Swythamley Chapel it is entered in a Property Raffle, it is located in a country area of the Peak District.

Swythamley Chapel has been tastefully converted into a stunning country home. Now in a conservation area, it accommodates three double bedrooms and a basement studio which could be used as a “granny flat”. It has a separate private entrance and garden.

It also has three bathrooms, two studies, two sitting rooms, a basement, double garage and workshop. The chapel also has its own bell tower. The spacious gardens are have mainly been laid to lawn. Continue reading

UK Property Raffles – Find them here

The growing popularity of UK Property Raffles

UK Property RafflesOn this website you can follow links to all the live UK Property Raffles we have discovered so far. Further down the page we run you through some of the ins and outs of real estate raffles.

Devonshire Mansion Raffle –  Price per ticket £10, the minimum number of entries is one million. The closing date is 30th November 2018. The estimated value is £2.300,000 plus a Rolls Royce and runner-up prizes. Our webpage.

Roselands Bristol Cottage Raffle – Price per ticket £2, the minimum number of entries is 500,000. The closing date has not yet been set but you can register for the competition and receive a notification by email. The estimated value is in excess of £1 million. Our webpage.

Dagenham House – UPDATE – The website was recently taken down. Price per ticket  was £2, the minimum number of entries was 175,000. The closing date was 30th January 2018. The estimated value was  £300,000.

Yorkshire Farm Raffle –  Price per ticket £50, the minimum number of ticket entries is 28000. The closing date is 1st March 2018. The estimated value is £1,400,000. Special Christmas offer – Buy one ticket and get one free. Our webpage.

Northampton House Raffle – Price per ticket £2, the minimum number of tickets to be sold is 500,000. The the closing date is 1st February 2018. The estimated value is £1,000.000. Our webpage.

Greenwich Apartment – UPDATE – The event was withdrawn apparently due to too much press coverage about the multiple choice question. Price per ticket was £5, minimum number of tickets to be sold was not stated.

Scottish Mansion Raffle – Price per ticket £5, the minimum number of tickets to be sold is 250,000. The closing date is 9th December 2017. The estimated value is£1,250,000. UPDATE – Additional prizes have been added. Our webpage.

Knightsbridge London Property – UPDATE – Successfully won. Price per ticket was £5, the minimum number tickets to be sold was 300,000. The closing date is 15th December 2017. The estimated value is £1,500.000.

Blackheath London Property Raffle – Price per ticket £5, the minimum number of tickets to be sold is 114,000. The closing date was extended from 7th January to 7th May 2018. The estimated value is £570,000. Our webpage.

Converted Church Raffle Staffordshire – UPDATE 28.12.17 – Price per ticket £6, minimum number of tickets to be sold is 125,000. The closing date has been set for April 1st 2018. We could not see the value of the property stated on the website but estimated to be in the region of £700.000. Our webpage.

Berkshire River Thames House Raffle – UPDATE 29.12.17 – Spot the ball contest, price per ticket £25. Minimum number of tickets to be sold is 500,000. The closing date has been set for 28th March 2018 but may be extended by 3 months. Our webpage.

Manchester House Raffle – UPDATE 31.12.17 – Price per ticket £5, the minimum number of tickets to be sold is 135,000. The closing date has been set for 23rd April 2018. The estimated value is £240,000. Our webage.

Southampton House Raffle – UPDATE 1.1.18 – Price per ticket £5, minimum number of tickets to be sold is 100,000. The closing date is set for 9th June 2018. The estimated value is £230,000. Our webpage.

London House Raffle Woolwich – UPDATE 6.1.18 – Price per ticket £2. Closing date is set for 31st May 2018. The estimated value is not stated. Our webpage.


Administering property raffles in UK has been left up to the UK Gambling Commission. They also regulate the National Lottery and casinos and gambling in general in the UK.

For the avoidance of doubt, a raffle has to include an element of skill, whereas a lottery is purely a game of chance.

In all other respects property transactions follow normal legislation except the Estate Agent is missing from the picture. The price is of course fixed by owners of house who set up the raffle.

All the terms and conditions of the sale should be included in the terms and conditions of the property raffle. The only difference is that new owners name cannot be added to the contract until UK property raffle draw has taken place.

The contract is not binding until it has been signed and exchanged in the normal way. The owners usually employ a lawyer to administer the sale and the raffle.

The winner is of course entitled employ a lawyer.

It is advisable to determine as far as possible that the raffle is legal in first place. Check the Terms and Conditions of a any UK property raffles before you enter. Make sure the tickets are refundable if the draw is cancelled. Beware, because house-owner is normally the fund-holder. This element could present some risk to entrants.

To date, we are aware of only one successful property raffle in the UK, it was known as Melling Manor and was valued at around £800,000. We are also aware of on failed house raffle at a substantial cost to the owners. We will update this website as time goes by.


Property raffles are normally a “turnkey operation” in the UK with all the costs being born by the vendor. The competition would not be attractive if costs were incurred by the winner.

Legal Fees, Land Registry and the cost of Stamp Duty would normally be paid by the vendor. The vendor would also pay any Capital Gains Tax which might be owing. They would also provide the Energy Performance Certificate.

Any outstanding mortgage on the property would be redeemed at completion.

Be aware that the cost fixed the property will include an element of fundraising for charity. This is due to the involvement of the UK Gambling Commission and it is a condition for a raffle to conducted in the UK.

Reasons for Raffling a Property

UK property raffles have become very popular this year. Most property owners who enter their properties in raffles have already been unable to sell them, especially at a high enough price to cover their debts. Many of these owners will have followed the dream without realising how difficult it would be to dispose of the property later.

Many property owners get forced into selling due to personal circumstances, relocation, divorce or simply losing their job.

If they are honest, most property owners who enter their properties in raffles would admit to having had disposal problems. For many owners it is a last-ditch resort. If you read many of the raffle home owners websites you will see many of them complain about Estate Agents providing bad service.  As a former Estate Agent I can tell you how difficult that job can be. Not all properties are as saleable as their owners think they are at the price they are asking.

Many property raffles have already been set up, but what should you look out for?

Tips and Advice for UK Property Raffles

There are a fair choice but caution is exercised. You should first decide whether you want to live in a property or location. For example, would you be able to work there?

If not you could always look upon it as a windfall and sell it on. Some owners include the initial running costs, so you could enjoy the property for a period.

It is not advisable to enter a raffle where taking up ownership would become stressful, or a millstone around your necks. Remember you might have a problem selling it in the future.

In the same way as you would if your paying the full price for the property make sure it is not blighted in any way. If you are unable visit the property, at least use Google Maps to check out the local area.

All the normal factors and considerations apply as when you are acquiring a property. Do not be tempted to take short cuts just because you may be winning the property in a raffle.

Remember, when you take ownership of a property it can become a liability as well as an asset. Make sure you are aware of the financial responsibilities which are attached to the property.

Apply a common sense approach and don’t get carried away. Remember, entering UK property raffles is gambling, do not spend more than you can afford. Gamble Responsibly.

The Element of Skill

The element of skill comes into play, usually with a multiple choice question which is asked at the time the entry is placed. The question has to be approved by the UK Gambling Commission and entries with incorrect answers are invalidated. The questions are not usually difficult to solve, especially in your own time.

The Gambling Odds

Although there is an element of charity involved in UK property raffles, surprisingly the odds are much better than the National Lottery. In the National Lottery, the odds are generally in excess of 45 million to one. The odds of becoming a Lotto millionaire are around 10 million to one. Remember that is per ticket. The odds of becoming a lottery millionaire less very much less than a fraction of a per cent.

The odds of winning UK property raffles are very much greater because a far lesser proportion of the proceeds are donated to charity, typically less than 10%. You can calculate the odds per pound from the details.

Devonshire Mansion Raffle – Valued at £2.3 + Runner up prizes

Devonshire Mansion Raffle Launched

Devonshire mansion raffleThis latest Devonshire Mansion Raffle is one of the most stylish to hit the UK market so far. It is set on 10 acres of land and comes with a Rolls Royce. Tickets are just a tenner.

The competition closes 30/11/2018 or as soon as 1,000,000 entries are received. A booking fee of 50p applies with every transaction.

All entrants must answer a question to enter and only correct entries will be included in the draw. Terms and Conditions apply.

The house is detached, as you might expect and it is a stunning piece of real estate. With a sweeping driveway the grounds are immaculate and even feature golfing greens and a separate leisure complex. There is even a self contained apartment with an independent garden. Continue reading

Dagenham House Raffle

Dagenham House Raffle is under way

Dagenham House RaffleA new Dagenham house raffle is under way and you can win the house for just £2 subject to terms and conditions. The closing date for the raffle is 30th January 2018. The couple raffling it have decided to let the lucky new owners win it for a small sum.

The couple also hope to donate £25,000 to charity from the proceeds. There is no limit to the number of raffle tickets which can be purchased.

In order to enter the raffle you have to answer a simple question with your entry.

The owners need to sell tickets that amount to £350,000, to include the cost of things such as stamp duty, legal fees and administration costs.

The current owners are also offering the new owners support to become property investors to obtain an income from the property.

Your chance of winning this house is substantially higher than the chance of winning the National lottery and Euromillions. Continue reading

Greenwich Property Raffle

Greenwich Property Raffle gets under way

Greenwich Property RaffleThis is the latest offer to join a property raffle in London. This two bedroom Greenwich property raffle is a prime area of real estate in the heart town. It is just minutes from the tube underground station.

You can win this apartment for just £5 and live mortgage for life. What an opportunity that would be to never owe a pound to anyone again. The existing owners of home decided to let the new owners do do just that. The only catch is you have to answer a multiple choice question.

The apartment is in a very smart part of London with quaint old streets. a daily market and of course lush green park for which the place is famous.

Constructed during 2008 the apartment has a third floor balcony. There also two bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen and a lounge.

Stamp duty fees and legal fees are also included in the price. The apartment will be ready to move into.

The competition will take place on 26th February or will take place until the maximum number of tickets has been sold. The draw will a made by an independent company.

Continue reading

Raffling Your Home

Would you ever consider raffling your home?

Raffling your HomeRaffling your home might provide you with a solution in extreme financial circumstances but you could be entering into an abyss from which there is no return.

Owning your home is a decision you make usually under the best of circumstances, but it does not always work out so well. The value of property can also go down, it is only worth what a person will pay in the current market, nothing more.

The British people have an obsession with spending money on property and then finding themselves trapped. Many people need to relocate for family reasons, others lose their jobs and their lifeline. Whatever the reason, it can be a costly business finding someone to follow your dream.

An increasing number a home owners are turning to conduct house raffles in the hope that it might be the answer to their prayers. Think again, of the risks involved.

The Raffle Process

Firstly you will need to find a lawyer to set up your house raffle because otherwise you could easily break the law. Most people so far seem to have opted to conduct house raffles for legal reasons as a last resort. Most owners set up a website to automate the sale of raffle tickets.

Imagine that, you can now sell raffle tickets for your home but with that comes masses of responsibility. For a start you will a dedicated bank account, usually in the house owners name to take payments. This is a big element of trust. It puts the owner completely in control of a raffle.

It also means the biggest risk is being absorbed by the owner of the house. There can be no certainty that the prescribed number of raffle tickets will be sold. There has already be a failed house raffle.

Bear in mind also, the whole point of conducting a raffle is to have a winner. The law requires that, otherwise people can go to prison.

The UK Gambling Commission has task of administering gambling law in connection with raffles, but questions are already being asked. Is it acceptable to conduct a high value property raffle, without have a licence in place.

The Real Risk

Failing to sell the prescribed number of tickets is the most significant risk.

The question is, at what stage would you an owner abort a house raffle. Is it a acceptable to delay if progress has been slow? Who makes those decisions?

What then happens to unpick the mess of failed house raffle? Will the owners be responsible for repaying all money to the contestants and how do the charities get there share of their rightful proceeds. Is their a trustee or a guarantor involved. Is adequate consumer protection in place?

When looking at this from the home sellers point there is a massive responsibility to conduct the raffle properly. Will all the owners take it equally seriously?

It will be interesting to see how the scenario unfolds in due course. Raffling your home may not be the best way forward for your piece of mind.

The easiest solutions are not always the best ones.

Update: The Dullatur House raffle in Scotland has been withdrawn because it was blocked because by Paypal,


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