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Gambling Dispute Resolution by using the Resolver website

Gambling Dispute Resolution made easier

Gambling Dispute Resolution by ResolverThe UK Gambling Commission had been working towards developing an easier way forward for gambling dispute resolution. The Resolver website was developed to resolve consumer issues online and that now includes issues with gambling companies.

From 1st August gambling consumers were able to use the Resolver online support tool to make gambling related complaints. The support tool will provide information about the issue the consumer wishes to complain about. Resolver supports the consumer by helping them to write emails and letters of complaint.

The Resolver Website

The website helps the consumer to make a complaint in a structured method and to make informed choices about what action to take. It is a free independent tool gaining information from the experiences of the consumer. The organisation is not an intermediary service but it has been designed to provide assistance to help the consumer resolve common problems. It also helps with managing customer expectation about the complaint issue.

This can help businesses to deal with complaints more efficiently when they receive them, and manages customer expectations about their complaint issue. The great thing about the Resolver help service is that it allows the consumer to store all the complaint information in one place. Better still, when you use the Resolver service, your email of complaint will sent from a Resolver email address and all communications are therefore logged. Effectively a case file is built for the consumer to use.

Although the organisation is an independent service the UK Gambling Commission has worked with them to develop the information that they use about gambling services.

To use the service go to the Dispute Resolution Website and click Leisure on the top menu. You can then search for the gambling website you require. There are already many online casinos listed in the system. Resolver will continue to add frequently asked questions so, the service should be constantly improving over time.

Gambling consumers should be aware but now that disputes can easily arise when using an online casino. Please, do read more about choosing a safe online casino. Please do minimise the chances of requiring a gambling dispute resolution service in the future.

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Gambling Self Exclusion

Does gambling self exclusion work?

Gambling Self ExclusionFacing life as a gambling addict ought to be made a simple as possible but is it in the UK? Can gambling self exclusion work?

Of the millions of people who gamble around 2-3% may end up having a problem with it.

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Blackjack video tips

Learn some Blackjack video tips to help your game

If you are not skilled at playing blackjack but you would like to learn, you can pick it up easily by watching Blackjack video tips. If you already consider yourself a skilled player why not take a bit of time to listen to an expert, you might learn something new.

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Slot Machine Payout Rate

Slot Machine Payout Rate

slot machine payout rateBefore put you put your money in a slot machine you should consider the slot machine payout rate. Casinos are businesses and typically they will keep around 3% on the money wagered on the machine over the life cycle of the machine.

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Online Casino Security

How good is online casino security?

Online Casino SecurityOnline gambling is a rapidly expanding market, it has become enormously popular. However, many people are understandably worried about online casino security in general. The objective of this article is to educate readers so they can perhaps put their mind at rest about using an online casino.

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Choosing a Safe Online Casino

Vetting a Safe Online Casino

Safe Online CasinoIf you are looking to find a safe online casino then you need to focus on the important issues. There are not that many of them so, it should be a simple process.

Firstly, do not select an online casino website which does not render well in your own language because it could lead to communication problems. The last thing you want is a lack of understanding. It is very unlikely that you would be successful in a dispute when you might have misunderstood something. You need to able to read the terms and conditions and fully understand them. Take your time.

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Helpful Online Gambling Tips

Getting the edge – online gambling tips

Online Gambling TipsMany existing players will have developed their own online gambling tips or strategies. The purpose of this article is to help beginners and perhaps help a few existing players to understand the basics. If you want to get the edge and decrease your personal risk, read on.

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Gambling Psychology

Gambling psychology is complex, reasoning and normality are senses that are all too often put to one side due to thrill and optimism.

Applied Gambling Psychology

Responsible Gambling PsychologyWhy do people gamble? because they can, but why they do is more of a mystery.

The majority of gamblers will lose, something which everyone knows but some people can be more dismissive than others. What drives gamblers to participate in something which is so obviously a losers game?

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The Martingale System

Why you should avoid using The Martingale System.

How the Martingale System works

Much has been written about the system but this is my take on it.

For those that do not know, the system is a progressive betting idea. For example if you bet 1$ of the flip of a coin the odds are 50/50. With this system you must continue progressively betting on the same outcome whether it is heads or tails. Let’s assume the wager was on heads.

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