Crown Resorts probes are a heavy burden

Crown Resorts ProbesJames Packer has been getting a lot of personal publicity in recent months. He would probably rather not have some of it, most has been bad. The latest Crown Resorts probes will be a heavy burden.


The Victoria Gambling Regulator is about to start a review of the Melbourne casino.

The five yearly review of the Melbourne Casino Licence by the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation will commence during the next fourteen weeks.

The review by the VCGLR is to include a probe into the detention of 14 Crown Casino staff who have been arrested in China on gambling related offences. The Victoria Regulator has been monitoring this for some time but declined to pass any comment.

The casino interests of Kerry Packer in Melbourne have already been know to be suffering due to the loss of high rolling Chinese gamblers. Some say that is related to the pending lawsuit in China. Read more about Crown Casino problems.


The New South Wales Gambling Regulator is conducting ongoing enquiries as to whether James Packer is fit to run a gambling operation in Sydney.

Regarding the NSW Regulator, Kerry Packer is awaiting probity approval. Following his re-appointment to the Board in January, Crown Resorts are building a new casino at Barangaroo. The Regulator previously banned Stanley Ho, father of Crown’s Hong Kong based business partner from having anything to do with the new casino operation at Bangaroo. In the past, Stanley Ho has been associated with China’s triad organised crime gangs. He has always denied any association.

Other Problems

There was also a stigma in Nevada relating to Kerry Packers interest in the Cannery Casino operation. That furore lost pace when Packer sold his share in the casino. The Nevada Gaming Commission had been probing family finances.

Reading this you would think that Kerry Packer was in deep trouble.  In the same year though he also split from superstar Mariah Carey. So, it has been something of bad year for him in many ways.

Source: The Australian

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