Dennis Nikrasch was a cunning criminal who went down as a famous slot machine cheater. It won him millions of dollars.

Dennis Nikrasch slot machine cheater

Dennis Nikrasch Slot Machine CheaterIt is estimated that Dennis from Chicago netted over 15 million dollars as slot machine cheater.

Nikrasch was the brains behind the crime but he got together a group of other professionals to help him rob the casinos. The principle target was casinos in Las Vegas.

As a fully competent locksmith he was able to commence his life of crime in Chicago where he would break in to luxury homes and retail stores. In the early days he was working for an organised crime ring. In 1961 he commenced a jail term of 10 years for various burglaries.

After serving his term, Dennis moved to Las Vegas for the next part of his criminal career. He thought he might have the necessary skills to defeat the slot machines and he did. He managed to win a couple of million dollars but got caught in the early 1980s, resulting in a 5 year jail term.

Electronic machine scams

By the time Dennis came out of prison, slot machine technology had moved on and the machines were largely electronic. So, he team up with an old friend called Bulgarino who had the necessary experience. They purchased a couple of brand new slot machines and set to work understanding how they worked. It was no long before they had learned to overwrite the software to trigger a jackpot win.

After a bit of practice he was able to trigger jackpots in live casinos. The nest thing needed was a team of people to help him work the scam. Part of the process was placing these people in key positions so that he could work his magic without being seen. The Nikrasch group decided to rig a machine at Harrah’s Casino and they walked out that night with a win of 3.7 million dollars.

The Nikrasch group continued and many more millions of dollars were won without any problems. It is ironic that they were finally caught after a disgruntled group member had reported Dennis to the police. The FBI got involved and after some phone tapping.

Following his arrest Nikrasch pleaded guilty to racketeering and a number of other charges. He was jailed for only 8 years because of his guilty plea and he was released in 2004. No one seems to know where Dennis is now but he was banned for life in all Nevada casinos. Could he now be a slot machine cheater outside of Nevada?

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Other Gambling Scams which involved criminal activity

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