There are state-run casinos but not one online casino in Holland. Currently Dutch gambling laws prevent citizens from using foreign online casino websites.

Dutch Gambling Laws

Dutch Gambling LawsHolland, also known as the Netherlands is famous for liberal laws. The Dutch people are one of the most relaxed races in the world. When it comes to gambling you would expect Holland to be relaxed but it is totally the opposite.

Gambling laws are totally exclusive to outside operators, something which EU Law is totally against.

Casino gambling within Holland is run by a state monopoly called Holland Casino. There are 14 casinos in Holland all run by the same organisation.

When it comes to online gambling, Dutch citizens are allowed to use gambling websites based in Holland. It would be good if they could do that but there are no online gambling websites in Holland. No licences have been granted by the Dutch Government to any Holland based or foreign online gambling operator. Even Holland Casino applied for a license to operate online but it was never granted.

In order for the Dutch Government to police their laws they started blocking the IP addresses of foreign online gambling operators. That became difficult because there are so many of them. They also insisted that the banks should not deal with foreign online gambling operators. The banks refused.

Sport betting in Holland is permitted. It is controlled by two companies under license from the government.

Proposed New Dutch Gambling Laws

New gambling laws were due to be passed in 2015 allowing gambling operators to operate legally under licences.  Such has been the opposition to these plans that no new laws have been passed.

If passed, any new law would not be likely be in effect until early 2017. Then gambling operators would be able to  apply for licences. There have already been more than 200 expressions of interest.

The current tax rate on gambling is 29% on profits. There are plans to drop that to 20% to increase competition amongst operators.

There are many concerns that legalizing online gambling will create problems for some Dutch people. Enforced contributions to a social fund are expected to be imposed on gambling operators. There are also plans to limit some players by imposing time limits and other restrictions yet to be agreed.

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