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Finland gambling law has evolved around a state-controlled monopoly on all types of gambling. That includes land based betting and online gambling. It was set up to be controlled by three publicly owned organisations. They all donate profits to fund social projects something which the Finnish people relish.

Finland has been classified as the fifth largest gambling nation in the world. Finnish people love to gamble. Every year, Finnish people wage ten billion euros on lottery tickets, slot machines sports betting. 20% of that goes to good causes.

During a recent poll, more than two-thirds of the adult population said they want to keep the monopolised gambling system because it benefits charities. The benefits are sporting events and projects in arts, science and education.

The three gambling organisations each have their own responsibilities. RAY are tasked with providing land based casinos and controls all the casinos. Veikkus Oy are responsible for the national lottery, sports betting and instant win games, e.g. scratch-cards. Finally, Finntoto Oy are responsible for horse racing. There is a separate organisation known as PAF which looks after all gambling in the autonomous community of Aland Province.

At the beginning of 2016, RAY, Veikkus and Finntoto officially merged as one firm, and retained their monopoly on legal gaming throughout Finland except for Aland Province which is still regulated by PAF.

Pressure has been applied by the EU to Finland because they require free trade between member nations. The EU would like to open up gambling to European operators but it does not look likely that this will happen in the near future. At the moment this is a status-quo situation but the EU could force Finland to broaden their horizons.

Online Gambling

The two online gambling websites run by PAF and RAY are the only two legal websites for Finnish gamblers to use. Finland has a total online gambling monopoly, legally it is a closed shop.

Under gambling law in Finland, no other online gambling websites are allowed to operate, especially foreign ones. That law is flouted because many foreign online gambling websites accept players from Finland. Currently, there are no mechanisms in place to prevent that happening. Neither IP addresses or payment transactions are being blocked but that might change in the future.

Additionally, gambling law does not outlaw any Finnish person placing a bet on a foreign gambling website. and are examples of two of the largest foreign gambling websites which accept players from Finland. Interestingly, those two websites block players from the US because the law requires them to do so.

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