Fraud Gambling Problems

Fraud Gambling ProblemsThe with fraud gambling problems is that they lurk together in dark corners and rarely meet but when they do it is usually catastrophic. Have you ever considered yourself as a person position of trust. Does that scare you?

Over the years many gamblers have succumbed to the temptation of having a flutter with other people money, many do no get found out for years.

Last week, a Financial adviser from Nottingham was jailed for running up gambling losses on more than a million pounds. Mark Pickering was jailed for 40 months for defrauding a number people who were discovered during a Betfair audit.

During 2015 a Quantity Surveyor was jailed for stealing a 6 figure sum from his employers hide his gambling addiction. The funding involved purchasing powers tools which he subsequently sold on for cash.

How can the risk of gambling frauds like this be minimised? The are a few simple steps which could help by reducing fraud exposure.

Clear policies should be implemented to prevent employees from accessing online gambling platforms at work. Mobile betting platforms should not be allowed at and all gambling when at work prohibited.

Useful Advice

The number of employees with signatory capability should be minimised. A clear divide is necessary between when a person is allowed to sign for something. Restricting the number of employees with signatory rights is a worthwhile exercise and be clear about it.

Gambling should be done as something out of working hours in the same was as taking alcohol.

Employee behavior should be monitored closely to ensure the welfare is acceptable. It should be easy to see anyone who stands out from the crowd.

It is a good idea to employ a specialist to assist to sort what behaviour is an acceptable in the workplace. Remember that should be same for everyone and everyone needs to know where they stand.

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