Gambling Laws in Hawaii are very strict

Gambling Laws in HawaiiInterstate law can vary in Hawaii due to the Indian Reservations but they are relatively strict. Generally, gambling laws in Hawaii ban the practice altogether.

Gambling is banned on a casino or cruise ship. Social gambling is permitted but only in private places in the Aloha States but only in private. It is not permitted in public places bars, restaurants, motels, hotels, nightclubs or business establishments.

The use of any kind of slot machine is banned and the possession of gambling records is banned in including bookmaking.

Also, wagering is prohibited on horse or dog races or in any public place. 

There has been relaxation in the law concerning offshore cruise liners because they can be beyond the law in certain circumstances.

Hawaii does not even have a local lottery but it can be legal under certain circumstances. Also raffles can be legal if they are not for profit, but for charity.

Illegal gambling  in Hawaii is an illegal offence and can result in a person being jailed. Gambling strictly for profit is banned.

Illegal Gaming Rooms

During September 2017 Hawaii Police stepped up to the mark and reinforced gambling the gambling laws.

Apparently, games rooms were leading to hubs of illegal activity such as drug dealing. Major Karry Lawson of HPD said had also been instances of robberies assaults and even homicides associated with the gaming rooms.

According to HPD there were over 100 gaming rooms in Oahu and thirty-five people were arrested for gambling related crimes in August 2017. Officers have warned more arrests are likely to take place during the coming weeks.

Gambling Laws in Hawaii are likely to be strengthened up in the future.

Hawaii Gambling History

Gambling has been long been popular with Hawaii people, many have visited Las Vegas over the years. The most famous was Stanley Fujitake known as the Hawaii Craps King who rolled the dice for three hours and for 118 times.

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