Gambling History from Ancient Times to the Online Revolution Today

Gambling History - Ancient DiceAncient Gambling History

There is evidence  in gambling history that it all started in Egyptian times as far back as 3000 BC. A pair of dice was discovered in an Egyptian tomb. However it is not known whether it was a popular pastime with wagers being made. Maybe it was just a simple game.

According to documented gambling history it all started back in the ancient Greek and Roman times. There were references to it being born from the Gods. Although not legal in those times, it was practised by all walks of life from peasants to Emperors.

It started by wagering on the contents of a hand with hidden nuts and stones. One wonders how many cheats there were at that time. Later, around 500 BC came the six-sided dice as we know it today but then it was carved out of stone. In those days people believed gambling was controlled by the Gods. It is recorded in gambling history that many fortunes were won or lost by the Emperors of those times. Rigged dice were probably used to increase the odds of winning.

The Use of Playing Cards

The Chinese have a later gambling history, they are accredited for inventing playing cards in the ninth Century. Those cards were not as we know them today, it is reported that they resembled an early Chinese version of Dominos.

No doubt there were many innovative ideas for conducting gambling in some form or other through the ages. The first recorded popular card game was Baccarat, originating from Italy and France through the 1400’s. It was two player game and grew popular with players and spectators as it is today.

In gambling history much is written about the evolution of playing cards as we know them today. They probably existed in many different from throughout civilization but the earliest versions are believed to have arrived in Europe in the 1300’s, possibly from Egypt. Their evolution continued in various forms with localized insignia.

The 52 card deck as we know it today evolved in France. However it took hundreds of years to develop into a common format with the advent of wide scale print production during the 1830’s. From then, this format for 52 playing cards and four suits was adopted throughout Europe and America. Gambling history moved fast as the standard deck of playing cards became available to the masses.

The card games of Blackjack and Poker evolved using the standard 52 card deck. However, these games had existed in different forms using various combinations of cards since the 1600’s.

Lottery Games

During the 1600’s lottery games sprung up all over Europe. These are games of chance where each player draws a number and the winner is randomly drawn. Stakes were low and winnings cold be very high.

Modern Gambling History

The game of Roulette evolved from the gaming houses of Paris during the late 1700’s. In the early days the green zero did not exist but when that was adopted by the Monte Carlo Casino in the 1850’s. The European version of Roulette was born and it became adopted throughout the world. However the Americans who had a Roulette wheel with 2 green zeros stuck with that idea and it remains popular today.

Throughout the late 1800’s, Poker and Blackjack became very popular games all over the world. The development of Las Vegas during the 1970 and the rise of televised tournaments hugely increased the popularity of Poker.

The first slot machines were invented in America and first appeared in New York during the 1890’s. The were mechanical machines with a handle to spin the three reels with 52 cards. Later the famous Liberty Bell slot machine, or one arm bandit as we know it today was invented in San Francisco. The Liberty Bell was much more practical because the payout could be accurately regulated.

The development of one arm bandit slot machines developed and the casinos became full of them until In 1976 the first video slot games were invented. They quickly took over and many of the old slot machines were sledge hammered to pieces. Thankfully today, many of them are preserved as iconic relics of gambling history.

Another game which became famously known as Bingo became popular after technology enabled random number calling. During the 1930’s Bingo houses sprung up all over the UK and it remains a massively popular game with gamblers today. One of the attractions is being able to easily control the value of the stake and payouts can be very high on national games.

Online Gambling History

The birth of the internet in the 1990’s brought about a massive shift in gambling options. The online gambling industry exploded when licences were granted in Barbados and Antigua to companies wanting to provide gambling services over the internet. Most of us will remember this period of modern gambling history.

Today online gambling is a hugely popular pastime. The owners of thousands of online casino websites are licensed and regulated by strict rules to protect the millions of users who like to play from the comfort of their own home. Many online casino profiles are written about these gambling organisations.

Many thousands of gamblers still prefer to gamble in a casino environment and the many land based casinos are still visited by the many people who like to go out to enjoy some gambling.

Sports betting has always been popular and maybe this begun with dog or cock-fighting in cages in Medieval times. These days many people visit horse or dog racing tracks where yo can place your bet with a live bookmaker. Throughout gambling history many have studied the form and believe that it gives them the edge, some are professional gamblers.

Again online sports gambling has become hugely popular with people betting on the outcomes of football matches, including scores and a variety of other results. Finally it would be wrong not to mention the football pools which although less popular these days, were very popular with so many people in the past. If you could forecast 8 draws you could win a fortune.

The most popular way to place sporting bet these days is to visit one of the many high street bookmakers, who still exist. You can also go online and do it with one of the online bookmakers.

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