Gambling psychology is complex, reasoning and normality are senses that are all too often put to one side due to thrill and optimism.

Applied Gambling Psychology

Responsible Gambling PsychologyWhy do people gamble? because they can, but why they do is more of a mystery.

The majority of gamblers will lose, something which everyone knows but some people can be more dismissive than others. What drives gamblers to participate in something which is so obviously a losers game?

People have always enjoyed taking risks, it increases adrenalin and excitement levels in human beings. Some will not get excited, others need it periodically but many need it regularly because they suffer an addiction.

Gambling operators probably understand gambling psychology as much as any professional. Sports betting in a bookmaker’s shop is not very glamorous, it does not need to be because most sporting gamblers will be deciding on their next bet whilst they are placing their regular bet. Others may place a bet on a horse once a year and it is a simple process like visiting a bank and paying money in. These days many sports gamblers use online gambling websites to place their bets.

Gambling in an amusement arcade or a casino is a totally different experience. If you enter one you will be drawn in by subtle background noises which make you feel isolated from your normal world. This is a deliberate ploy to add to the attraction gamblers feel. Slot machines in particular play looped soundtracks of addictive sounds, normally they are themed to increase the customer experience. The sound of a payout increases gambling fever to the point where it becomes difficult to stop playing. This is all part of the psychology of gambling.

Other tactics used by casinos and gaming machine suppliers include stylization. Playing games with stylish and realistic graphics can make you feel like you are being transported in to a fantasy world. For most, gambling is a form of escapism. There is also the feeling of being in a different world with a group of special people like you.

Advertising and media firms also understand psychology of gambling. They often portray gambling environments as sexy and inviting, with a fashionable image. In the movies they often project casinos or sporting venues as high-class exclusive establishments. Horse racing is tagged as the sport of kings and an afternoon at the races can make you feel like you are mixing with the rich and famous.

Gambling is also a social pastime. Many young people get introduced to it by playing cards with their family or friends. Perhaps they might go to play Bingo with friends or visit an amusement arcade with their mates.

The reality of gambling is quite simple. A bet is placed on the outcome of an event which is a win or lose situation. That event might be a roulette number, a hand at poker, or a spin on a slot machine. In regulated gambling, the payout is controlled so that the house will win in the long-term. The problem most gamblers have is knowing when to stop, many have a bit of luck and then play through to lose their winnings.

Casinos tempt players to keep on gambling because they might win that progressive slot jackpot. It might be the next spin. Gambling psychology is simple, it is about engagement.

My first experience of gambling was putting pennies in the slot where you can see them fall onto sliding shelves which oscillate backwards and forwards. If you keep adding coins you will eventually displace coins which tip over down into the pay out hopper. You will soon be thinking that you can win a pile of coins and indeed you might if you keep playing. You may not be aware that the gambling operators make their money from all the coins which fall off the shelf to the side. The payout rate over time is very poor although you can win by playing cannily.

If you do gamble please gamble responsibly and never play with money you cannot afford to lose. Know when to stop and limit your losses. Understand gambling psychology, think about it.

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