Does gambling self exclusion work?

Gambling Self ExclusionFacing life as a gambling addict ought to be made a simple as possible but is it in the UK? Can gambling self exclusion work?

Of the millions of people who gamble around 2-3% may end up having a problem with it.

The Gambling Industry is both regulated and self regulated and although there are guide-lines there do not seem to be many self help schemes which are hailed as successful.

Problem gamblers can enter a variety of exclusion schemes on a voluntary basis. These schemes are available from the most local levels up to national level depending on the administering organisation. The problem is there is not a central register of gambling addicts in the the UK.

Many gambling addicts admit to being able to abuse gambling exclusion systems. In the main they rely on recognition which not reliable and open to abuse. According to research a national data-base would be required to enable full protection to be properly executed.

A multiple operator self exclusion system (MOSES) has had some success with those who are serious about stopping gambling altogether. However even those who sign up for MOSES can subsequently manage to self defeat the system without too much difficulty.

Without an electronic card or tagging system and a central data-base, no system could ever be robust enough to provide reliable gambling protection.

Although the technology does exist to implement an electronic system it would be a bridge too far in terms administration. Gambling is just one of those vices which people need to self control. It falls into the same addictive category as alcohol and drugs.

Will self exclusion work for you?

If you are an addictive person the chances are that gambling self exclusion may not work for you but it is an easy step to take. Perhaps it would be a good first step for you. Trying it out might be the positive step that you need.

For those that need to make a display of resolution, excluding yourself might provide the degree strength required. Our advice is to come to terms with it first and see how you cope.

If you or others around you are seriously affected by gambling contact GambleAware.

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