The origins of gambling software and how it has evolved.

The Gaming Commissions

Gaming Commissions regulate online casinos from various locations, mostly in offshore jurisdictions. Online casinos do not exist in the physical form, they do not need premises, they are an online business. Only Certified Auditors can approve the requirements of Gambling licences. The licensing of Gaming Software is part of the auditing process.

Choice of Gambling Software

Gambling SoftwareThe online casino will choose the software, as a player you do not have that choice. Gambling industry software is frequently developed by the major players like Microgaming, Playtech, Netent and IGT. They are well known software brands in the industry.

Most gambling software providers work together with the online casinos to give them what they want. Consequently, the best software providers usually have the largest resources. Sometimes as a result, they have have been able to develop the best products. There are many suppliers of software in the industry. There have also been many start ups, acquisitions and mergers as you might expect. So, the industry has become highly intense with a lot of competition.

In some cases, specially employed designers have developed software for some of the major online casinos. However, most use a variety of software. The quality of graphics and the user experience are an important part of design. Some of the most popular games like Jurassic Park and Game of Thrones may dictate the choice of software used. Therefore, the software designers have to create software with the best visual excellence.

The Scope and Audit of Gaming Software

Typically, software will cover a wide range of functions. Surprisingly it is not all about what players see on the screen. However, the visual aspects are only a small part of it. Other factors are far more important.

The following critical systems must be passed:

The generation of random numbers used to determine the outcome of gaming events.

The security of networks which transmit confidential personal and financial information of customers.

Databases and electronic systems which record and store customer information. Surprisingly, these may include a customer’s gambling history.

Communication networks that may transmit customer information to third parties.

In addition, trained auditors carry out testing to ensure there are no communication breaches in these systems.

Most gambling software providers will have already have made submissions to an auditor. Consequently, it may already meet the requirements.

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