Tensions rise in $100,000 jackpot gambling win argument

Jan Flato and Marina Navarro Jackpot Gambling Win ArgumentMarina Navarro won a $100,000 jackpot while playing a slot machine near Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She admits her friend Jan Flato paid the wager which rendered the win. Technically Marina was the winner because she pushed the button. Marina claims she wanted to pay Jan part of the winnings until he threatened her. Hence this jackpot gambling win argument arose.

The event happened at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino when Jan Flato asked his companion Marina Navarro to push the button for him ‘for good luck’.

The two were ecstatic when the reels stopped spinning but it was shortlived. Jan Flato tried to collect the winnings but the casino clerks told him they belonged to whoever pushed the button. Video replay did confirm she pushed the button, so she was paid out.

Since January when the event occurred there has been an intense argument between the two casino acquaintances. He paid $50 into the machine using his gambling card. She won after she pressed the button.

The problem here was that there was no agreement between the two parties and the casino rules dictated the payout to Marina Navarro who pressed the button. The machine belong to the person in possession.

There may have been some amorosity on the part of Jan 66. Marina is a very attractive 35 year old woman. However, it did not turn out lucky for the guy, what was he thinking?

The married mortgage broker who lives in Aventura, Florida, claims originally she planned to share the jackpot with her casino fried, but after he began threatening her, she changed her mind.

She did actually have quite an incentive to change her mind, don’t you think? This is certainly a lesson not to be impulsive when gambling with friends.

Source: Daily Mail

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