Global Casino Investment

Global Casino InvestmentSome major players have been involved in global casino investment. In the past 20 years we have seen countries legalizing gambling solely for profit. For example, Macau invented itself as an Asian gambling hub. Saipan is also throwing in billions of dollars to chase the Asian gambling market. Singapore has also developed resort style casino gambling.

Japan is seeking an investment of around 10 billion dollars to build a casino resort having just legalised casino gambling. They will not only be chasing their home market, the Asian market attracts the Chinese in abundance.

Fifty years ago, Las Vegas was the gambling mecca of the world but it has already been overtaken in terms of revenue by Macau. That revenue is predominantly derived from China where gambling is illegal. Visitors to Macau spend four times more per visit per head than a visitor to Las Vegas. Forty five per cent of visitors to Macau are day trippers, they receive 38,000 visitors a day.

Massive amounts of money have been put into casinos but it might surprise you to know that most of it is old money made from gambling profits. Some of the major players like Wynn Resorts, Las Vegas Sands and MGM Resorts have invested heavily in new casino resorts in Macau. Amongst others, those same conglomerates are lobbying the Japanese Government hoping be in with a chance of the new investment opportunity in Japan. This follows the legalisation of gambling in Japan.

Investment Expertise

Global casino investment is huge, so are the returns. When investment is required for a multi billion dollar casino project it makes sense to partner with a major player. Experience is key to success and an entity like the Japanese Government has a huge responsibility to get it right. These large gambling conglomerates understand gambling, hotels and hospitality more than any other type of business does.

If history repeats itself, the success and growth of the gambling market is set to continue for the foreseeable future.

Gambling Growth

Statistics are not generously published in the gambling industry but Statista do state that global gaming revenue was 182.1 billion dollars during 2015. It would be hard to predict what might happen in the future, especially since such a geographic shift is involved.

With millions of Chinese leaving their country regularly to gamble, clearly there is a strong market in Asia. However, if it gets stretched there is a chance that it will get diluted.

In the US we are seeing new major resort casinos spring up on the east coast. I am asking myself if that will attract increased numbers of American gamblers or divert them away from Las Vegas and the west coast. The same conglomerates are involved with that development.

The world-wide revenue from online gambling is predicted to increase from 45.86 billion dollars to 56.05 billion by 2018. Online gambling already accounts for 25% of world gambling revenue and it does not involve travel. It seems there might be some fragility in the market if technology increases the share of online gambling. Then again, if you make something more available, increasing numbers of people will use it.

A crystal ball might be useful here because I do not believe growth in gambling is at all predictable on a global basis.

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