Greenwich Property Raffle gets under way

Greenwich Property RaffleThis is the latest offer to join a property raffle in London. This two bedroom Greenwich property raffle is a prime area of real estate in the heart town. It is just minutes from the tube underground station.

You can win this apartment for just £5 and live mortgage for life. What an opportunity that would be to never owe a pound to anyone again. The existing owners of home decided to let the new owners do do just that. The only catch is you have to answer a multiple choice question.

The apartment is in a very smart part of London with quaint old streets. a daily market and of course lush green park for which the place is famous.

Constructed during 2008 the apartment has a third floor balcony. There also two bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen and a lounge.

Stamp duty fees and legal fees are also included in the price. The apartment will be ready to move into.

The competition will take place on 26th February or will take place until the maximum number of tickets has been sold. The draw will a made by an independent company.

Two nominated charities will also benefit from the draw, Thrombosis UK and SUDC UK will each benefit from £25,000 each.

There is a secure payment system when using the competition.

You entry the competition raffle on this website. Good luck with a your Greenwich property raffle.


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