The History of Casino Craps – How it all started

History of Casino CrapsThe History of casino craps may take us back to the Crusades. There was an early English game called Hazard from which it is thought to be derived from. Hazard has been dated back to the 14th century, it was mentioned in Chaucer’s popular Canterbury Tales. It was a game played with 2 dice.

The original game of Hazard was played for money as far back as 17th century at London’s Crockfords Club. The rules were very complicated but it still became a very popular table game.

Craps was derived from Hazard by simplifying the rules. It was influence by French gamblers wo took the game to France. The modern American version we now know as craps was taken to New Orleans Bernard Xavier Phillipe de Marigny de Mandeville. He was a gambler, a politician and a descendant of wealthy Louisianna landowners.

The early game was flawed in that players could exploit the casino using a fixed dice. The problem was solved when the “don’t pass” betting option was introduced by American dice maker, John Winn.

By the 1912 it was recorded that craps was being played by children on the streets of St Louis, Missouri. The name craps was derived from the French word “crapaud” meaning toad, a reference to the way it was played in the street. Street craps was played by rolling the dice against a backstop, usually a step.

During World War II street style craps was played by American soldiers. They improvised using an Army blanket as a shooting surface an did not use a backstop.

Casino Craps Today

The spread of craps surged when casinos spread across the US. Today, casino craps is a hugely popular game and exciting games. Listen out for where the noise is coming from in the casino and you will normally find the craps table.

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