In this article we publish internet gambling statistics which show the growth in online gaming and betting is still increasing. It was a 3.7 billion pound industry last year.

Growth of Internet Gambling

Internet Gambling StatisticsGambling is something which has always been fun on occasions. Some of us might remember visits to an amusement arcade on a rainy day, a visit to the races or a bet on the Grand National, or the Derby. With all those scenarios it was necessary to visit a venue, perhaps a betting shop, or a seaside pier.

During the mid 1990’s the revolution of internet gambling was born. Now there are thousands of online casinos and gambling websites. You can visit from the comfort of your home or even, whilst commuting on a train. There are thousands of apps to play at online casinos on your mobile phone or tablet. You can also play in a web browser using your PC.

Many people play app games for free like Candy Crush, Big Fish or Farmyard. The will to invent these endless games is followed by the will of people to play them. In a sense, most people play these games for fun but some become obsessive to get to the next level and beat their friends. Such achievements are often auto posted on social websites like Facebook with invites sent out to your friends to play too. The popularity of these games has increased virally due to social media.

Others are tempted to sign up for free spin offers, matched cash bonus offers and other incentives when joining an online casino. You might have been tempted to do this because your friends do, or you may have seen hundreds of adverts for online casinos on premier league football pitch banners. You may also have seen online casino adverts on your TV.

The statistics tells us that many people are becoming involved in playing for fun and real money. Although you can play at most online casino for free, many are tempted to have a bet, especially when the casinos give you free bonus cash to play with.

The rise in sports betting has become phenomenal since wagers could be placed online. Most sports betting websites publish the odds on a huge variety of scenarios. With wagers on combination bets a huge amount of money can be won. British people seem to have developed an obsession with sports betting, the range of sports on which you can wager is almost endless.

Internet Gambling Statistics

Firstly, let us consider the statistics for the past five years. These are the numbers involved:

April to March 2011/12 :                         £710.2 million
April to March 2012/13:                          £932.6 million
April to March 2013/14:                      £1,134.7 million
April to March 2014/15:                      £2,205.1 million
October to September 2014/15:    £3,635.9 million

Ignoring only gambling on the internet, the whole gambling industry made £12.6 billion in the year ending September 2015. Almost 30% of that was from gambling on the internet. That was an increase of 11.6% on the previous year.

Predictors of gambling statistics predict that there will be significant growth in years to come. They are forecasting the amount wagered for 2016 will be a staggering £553.6 million. They also predict that by 2021 that figure will have increased to £946 billion, double in five years.

These statistics were prepared by Juniper research and published by Forbes.


With the growth in gambling on the internet set to continue. It seems logical to expect that it will based on historical internet gambling statistics.

We know that the profits for most online gambling operations go offshore to places like Malta, Gibraltar, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. That is not a secret, you can see that when you visit any online casino website.

Like any major growth industry, they choose to operate offshore to save taxes and they are allowed to do that because the internet has no domicile. Of course there is nothing illegal about that otherwise they would not be doing it. The profits to the gambling operators are therefore significantly increased.

Update: Many countries including the UK now require onine casinos to have a licence in that country and pay taxes on the money earned in that country. The UK Gambling Commission got very tough on this.

Investment in the UK gambling industry has been huge during the past two decades. You may have noticed much is being spent on advertising by the operators endeavouring to increase their share in the market. The gambling industry is certainly set to grow unless there are changes in legislation, perhaps towards curbs on advertising.

The Football Association has already said they would never allow a betting organisation to be the title sponsor of the Premier League. It is interesting to note that almost half the premier league teams already have a gambling sponsor. Also that the Premier League does not have a title sponsor for the 2016/7 season. Is it only matter of time?

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