Irish Gambling Judgement rules against winner

Irish Gambling JudgementWhen is a winner not a winner? The answer is when the winner cannot collect the winnings! That Irish Gambling Judgement was made yesterday. This story was published by Calvin Ayre and also in the Irish Times.

The case was bought to an Irish Civil Court yesterday by Sayed Mirwais against a private members gambling club in Dublin, D1 Casino.

Sayed Mirwais took the private members club to court when they refused pay out winning to him. They paid him out the time in part cash and part tokens but he kept winning. It all he won more than €14,000.

Arguments were heard from both side during which it was alleged the machine had been faulty. It was implied that a defect had been exploited to accumulate the win.

At the end of the day none of this mattered. Judge Comerford ruled against the Plaintiff on basis of the 1956 Gaming and Lotteries Act. The Act states that “every contact by way of gaming or wagering is void.”

The Judge noted that gambling operators “can simply say ‘no you’re not entitled to the money.’ That is simply the law in Ireland.” D1 Casino were ordered to pay the court costs.

Similar Case

In a similar case which worked against a betting firm the gambler won. During June 2015 a UK gambling company was advised by a judge that could not collect a debt of €118,058 because it was a gambling debt.

Before you go thinking you can run up a gambling debt in Ireland and not repay it think again. Yes, legally you might have the Irish Court on your side but it might not be the best situation to be getting yourself into.

We have seen instances before where gambling operators do not pay out large sums of money for legal and technical reasons.

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