John Marando who “self excluded himself” and then won

John Marando Self Excluded himself from gamblingThis is the sad story of gambler John Marando who self excluded himself then won $10,000. He could not take his winnings because he self excluded himself 17 years ago.

John won $10,000 fair and square on a slot machine in Ontario Canada, only to find that he had self excluded himself from the casino without even remembering. It happened at the Mowhawk Racetrack last week.

John who is an 82 year old gambler had no recollection of self excluding himself 17 years previously in an effort to stop himself gambling.

After the big win John was recognised and denied he winnings. Apparently there is a local law which says a self- excluded gambler cannot claim prizes.

Apparently, John Marando had a brain operation and had no recollection of self excluding himself. He has now appointed a lawyer to fight he case and says he is not going to let them get away with it.


What is surprising about this case is that we do now know what John actually excluded himself from. Presumably there will be an exclusion register, if so what are the rules for entering the race track. It will be an interesting case.

Would it not have been the responsibility of the racetrack to maintain that register. If over the years, members of staff recognised John and saw him gambling, they should had a moral obligation to at least caution him. They should also have obligation to prevent him from gambling.

Paul Pellizzari, of Ontario Lottery and Gaming, said: “People who are self-excluded need to know that prizes will be dis-entitled if they’re detected at a gaming facility and this is part of our support to them, part of our way of living up to the commitment to themselves to stay away from gambling.”

This story was first published in the Mirror on 3rd March 2017.

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