Johnston Lodge Laurencekirk House Raffle promises results

Johnston Lodge Laurencekirk House RaffleEntry in the Johnston Lodge Laurencekirk House Raffle will cost just £25 and £5 is allocated to charity. The competition started on 6th October 2017 and ends on 31st March 2018.

The value of the property is £1.7 million and there are three cash runners prizes of £10,000. There will only be 150,000 entries.

Johnstone Lodge has 32 acres of land including a nine-hole golf course. It comes complete with paid running costs for the first twelve months.

It many respects Johnston Lodge Laurencekirk house raffle is an enviable  contest.

How to Enter

Visit this website for entry details.

Stages 1 and 2 must be completed.

Stage 1 – Complete the crossword puzzle when complete submit it. You will receive an email acknowledgement together with a reference number.

Stage 2 – Submit a bank transfer as described. Each entry costs £25 and each entry receives a random number for the draw. You only need to complete the crossword puzzle once.

It has to be said that this crossword competition is more complicated than we have ever seen in the house raffle before. Apparently is all being done with good intentions and any remaining balance given as private charity donations.

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Gambling Law

There have been a growing number for House Raffles launched recently. The laws governing gambling it the UK are governed by the UK Gambling Commission.

In order to qualify as a prize competition rather that a lottery, charities need to benefit from a raffle. Not for profit causes run for private or commercial gain are not permitted under the law.

It order to be under the competition rules the outcome must be dependant on an exercise of skill of judgement and cannot be run for private or commercial gain.

An increasing number of home owners are turning to house raffles to sell large houses which might not otherwise sell in the current market.

The question may be whether soon it will be legal to conduct a house raffle, because they are now increasing at an alarming rate. The main beneficiary will always be the winner of the house but the current owner can make a pretty penny too.

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