Las Vegas Gambling Laws apply to the State of Nevada where gambling was legalised in 1931 to purge out illegal underground gambling activities.

Las Vegas a Brief History

Las Vegas Gambling LawsLas Vegas as we now know it did exist as far back as 1829 as an oasis in the Mojave desert. It became a staging post for merchants trading between Mexico and California on what was called the Old Spanish Trail. It was then dubbed as  the City of Lights. When the rail road was introduced in 1905 it quickly became known as Sin City. Later, it’s popularity saw it grow into the gambling Mecca of world. Las Vegas translates from Spanish as “the meadows”, an appropriate name for an oasis in the desert.

Las Vegas Gambling Laws

1931 saw new gambling laws introduced in the State of Nevada. It was a pivotal year and led to the birth of Las Vegas. The legalisation of Gambling had opened up some great opportunities.

The US has a blanket ban on gambling but individual states have been permitted to legalize it in their own way. Nevada was the first state to legalize gambling, in fact games of chance were first made legal back in 1865 soon after the State was formed. However, there were strict rules for organisers which led to gambling going underground. By 1909, the start of prohibition saw alcohol and gambling made illegal but it just continued underground, as before.

The new bill saw possibilities for gambling to open up as never before. The seeds of the Las Vegas gambling boom had been planted. World War II stunted the growth of Las Vegas but by the fifties it was beginning to boom.

Las Vegas Gambling Laws permitted Casino Games and Card Rooms, so it pretty much allowed everything as long as the venue was licensed by the State of Nevada. That licensing includes the control all games played in the venue including slot machines. Later in 1949, Sports Betting was made legal. Tax rates were lowered by the State to promote the growth of gambling into what it is today.

One interesting fact is the State of Nevada doe not run a lottery. Perhaps there are so many opportunities for gambling a lottery might seem a little tame.

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