Legalised gambling issues create a complex choice for the government of each jurisdiction to make. Here we look at possible advantages and disadvantages to legalised gambling.

Legalised Gambling Issues

Legalised Gambling IssuesGambling has been a part of life in many societies whether it is against the law or not. In jurisdictions where it is legal many adults entertain themselves by gambling. It is hard to define gambling but basically it is when a person plays a game where it is possible to win or lose money or possessions. The outcome determines whether a person wins or loses.

Gambling will occur in many forms from the roll of a dice, a game of cards or the purchase of a lottery ticket. In these modern times, options are greatly increased by online gambling opportunities.

There will always be issues with gambling in all societies, here we take a look at some of the logic behind legalised gambling.


People do enjoy gambling, indeed many enjoy gambling as a means to let of steam or release their frustrations with everyday life. It would be almost impossible to ban gambling because it takes away personal freedom. Most would continue gambling in some way be it legal or not.

The point about legalising it is it allows people to gamble in a safe environment where it can be properly controlled. Take Las Vegas for example as a gambling destination. It generates billions of dollars for the economy and also generates many thousands of jobs. People and gambling organisations pay tax so that helps the economy.

There are so many forms of gambling, even purchasing a lottery ticket fits the definition of gambling. People have a good feeling when they have a possibility to win a large amount of money. Some people feel depressed if they do not have that opportunity. A large amount of the money staked on lotteries goes to good causes, another benefit.


If you gamble you are taking a risk and could lose your wager. The important thing here is that you should not wager what you cannot afford to lose. The other thing is maybe the money wagered may be better spent elsewhere. Those things are personal choices but all to often the perception of an individual differs from those of loved ones or dependants. It is in those situations where people can develop gambling problems. There are many stories about the negative aspects of gambling and how people have ruined their lives through gambling. Gambling issues are well documented.

Not to have it legalised takes some of the risk away but the serious gambler will perhaps already be addicted. Gambling is a personal choice like other vices but when legalised it is easier for individuals to indulge.

Legalizing gambling opens the door for abuse unless it is very tightly controlled. On the other hand making it illegal means that there are no controls because technically it does not exist. Tax revenues on illegal businesses are zero and that is a big disadvantage. Many jurisdictions have legalised it to take advantage of those revenues.

Making gambling illegal puts pressure on law enforcement authorities to curtail gambling operations. They therefore go underground as do other illegal vices like prostitution. Studies have shown that communities do suffer where gambling is legalised. Business revenues are reduced because money is being diverted towards gambling.

Other factors to legalisation

There is no doubt that limiting gambling outlets is a good idea, the more there are, the more problems there will be. In the UK, for example much money is spent on dealing with gambling problems in the same way as drug and alcohol problems. Online casinos actually contribute to therapy for those gamblers who are affected. Sadly, history shows that many of those affected by gambling will only seek help when it is too late.

It is for governments to decide whether to legalised it. One thing is for sure though. It would be difficult to make gambling illegal in a jurisdiction where it has previously been legalised. It is almost one of those irreversible choices, even if there are issues.

Some governments decided to take advantage of the boom in online casinos to generate revenue from Online Casino Licensing.

There are many legalised gambling issues for governments to consider, both social and economic

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