It has been 6 years since the last new build Cosmopolitan Casino opened on the Las Vegas strip. On December 3rd the newly built Lucky Dragon Casino will be open for business.

Lucky Dragon Casino Opening 3rd December 2016

Lucky Dragon CasinoThe casino is a brand new Asian themed operation which is opening soon on the North End of the Las Vega strip. It has been in development for five years so you can expect it to be an exceptional venue. It is no surprise that the casino will be opened on time.

The doors have already been open for a week to allow visitors to preview the facilities. The entire facility has been planned literally to offer a taste of the Orient.

There will be a 200 room hotel adjoining the casino which offers 27,500 square feet of casino space with 37 gaming tables and 300 slot machines. There will be five restaurants on the atrium which will operate like a Chinese street food market during the nocturnal hours. During the day there will also be a tea garden.

One of the most talked about features is the Dragon itself. It occupies centre stage as a suspended chandelier with a difference. The illuminated dragon form has illuminated glass scales, all 762 of them and it weighs one and a quarter tons. It was designed and built by Preciosa Lighting, a Czech company.

Why the Lucky Dragon?

The Lucky Dragon Casino is also themed with luck, 2016 is the year of the dragon in  Zodiac terms. Chinese people regard themselves as descendants of the dragon, which is a token of luck and success. Despite this, the owner Andrew Fonfa says he expects most of the visitors to be from California. Hainan Airlines start non stop flights from Bejing to Las Vegas the day the casino opens so despite what he said, there might be planeloads of Chinese gambling tourists to the casino.

Even the signs in the casino are written in English and Chinese. Another interesting feature is that the building does not have a fourth floor, it is considered unlucky in Chinese culture.

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