The Marine Bay Sands Casino opened in 2010, it is a stunning state of the art building with many accolades.

Marine Bay Sands Casino Singapore

The casino complex consists of an hotel with 2561 rooms and a convention centre of 120,000 square metres. There is also the Bay Sands shopping mall, a museum, two large theatres and many restaurants and bars. Don’t forget the two floating crystal pavilions and an ice skating rink. Perched on top of the building is the Skypark with a capacity for 3900 people. It has unrivalled panoramic views. The infinity swimming pool overhangs the north tower by 67 metres. It is the largest public cantilevered platform in the world. It is also the worlds highest and longest infinity pool.

Marine Bay Sands Casino at night in Singapore

All the hotel rooms have floor to ceiling glazing. A great design feature to enjoy the fabulous views out over the glitzy City of Singapore and out to sea. The Sands Casino oozes modern design.  When walking around the buildings it is easy to see the incredible foresight of the designers.

The Casino

When the resort opened, it was credited with being the world’s most expensive standalone casino property. It cost S$8 billion including the cost of the land. (5.2 billion Euros)

It is set over four levels with total space of almost 15,000 square metres. There are 2500 modern gaming slot machines and 700 table games. The casino was built to attract Asian gamblers, however it has attracted gamblers from all over. Access is free to hotel guests but the locals have to pay to use the Casino. Monthly passes are heavily discounted. Only one of the four levels is designated as a non-smoking area.

There are 13 different game types for table players with popular game variations. For example no commission games on some of the baccarat tables. The following table games are available; Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, 3 Card Poker, Texas Hold’em Bonus, Pontoon. You can also play Commission Free Baccarat, Singapore Stud Poker, 7UP Baccarat and Power Baccarat.

All table games must be played using the Casino gaming chips, that might be expected. They can be purchased either at the tables, or from the casino cage.

Finally, the Casino is open for 24 hours every day.

Getting there

The resort is situated along the coast from Changi International Airport in Singapore. It is about a 20 minute drive along the ECP Expressway. There are a variety of different public and private transport options available including the water ferry. Perhaps an especially good way to see some of Singapore.

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