A missing UK Lotto winner has yet to claim their £26 million prize. Most big winners would be celebrating their pants off within a couple of days.

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Search Continues for £26 Million Missing UK Lotto Winner

Lottery has missing UK Lotto winnerWednesday 19th October was the day when the UK Lotto delivered a £26.1 million jackpot. The numbers generated were 2, 3, 4, 31, 54 and 59. The winning lottery ticket was purchased online.

To date the winner has not come forward to claim this life changing win. After a Lottery draw, a winning ticket must be claimed with 180 days. A spokesperson for the National Lottery said they urge all players to check their tickets to see if they have won. Online players are encouraged to check their in-boxes to see if they have received any notifications. Apparently, winners who purchase a ticket online are actually sent an email informing them of their win. The spokesperson also said a lot of players may not have kept their contact information up to date.

It does seem ridiculous that a person would purchase their lottery tickets online and then not check their numbers. Even more astounding is that they have not checked their e-mail for the winning notification.

Why not come forward

Could it be that this missing winner does not want their life changed. Perhaps they have met their end or are just about to get a divorce. Other scenarios are mind-boggling. Possibly,  they forgot their email password or their computer got struck by a virus, or just ceased working. Maybe, the email notification went into a junk mail filter or someone hijacked their email account.

There are many possible scenarios. How many people do you know who just do not check their email frequently. It it possible they are on holiday and their email does not get checked while they are away.

Hopefully, after a little more time the winner will come forward, it would be a great pity to lose out on such a massive win. This missing UK winner would be the sixth person this year to scoop a UK Lottery win of more than 20 million pounds.

In conclusion, it has only been a couple of weeks so far. So, let’s hope the lucky person comes forward to claim their prize before the 180 day cut off. This missing UK Lotto winner might have chosen a strange set of numbers but they did come up!

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