During 1973 together with her family, Monique Laurent almost pulled off one of the best technological roulette gambling scams of that time. She won over a million dollars in a week as a Roulette cheat.

The Monique Laurent – Roulette Cheat

Monique Laurent Roulette CheatMonique was born on Valentines Day, 1948, in Deauville, France, on the Atlantic Coast of lower Normandy.

Her Roulette cheating did not start until she was 25 years old. She had an ordinary childhood growing up with her family, the only outstanding thing about Monique was her beauty. She was intelligent and a stunning looking young woman.

The surprising thing about this Roulette cheat is how they managed to pull it off. It is a story of technological achievement. 1973 was time when electronics were a lot less advanced than they are today.

The story begins during the summer season of 1973. Monique’s brother got a job as a croupier in the Deauville Casino in France. He was a smart guy. He became interested in finding out if the outcome of a roulette spin could be influenced in any way. When it was quiet in the casino he practised to see if it might be possible.

Developing the Scam

Monique’s brother also had an interest in radio signal technology as a hobby. So, an idea was born. His plan was to control the Roulette ball by inserting a radio receiver within and trigger some sort of movement on the ball with a remote radio signal. The ball would be triggered into a downward spin, it was a microscopic plan. The radio receiver and actuator had to be inserted into a real Roulette ball without detection. After some development, he successfully made the ball and he discovered that he could get the ball to land on a group six numbers, with a very positive degree of accuracy. Rumoured to be a 90% chance.

She and her brother were excited about this ingenious plan and set about how it might be implemented. It was necessary to recruit a third person and Monique’s husband would be the ideal person, he agreed. So, the plan was Monique’s brother would be the croupier and switch the Roulette balls. Monique’s husband would place the bets and Monique herself would operate the radio transmitter. Monique Laurent would stand nearby so she would be less obvious. The radio transmitter was to be hidden within an empty Marlboro cigarette packet. A three-way split of the profits from this roulette cheat scheme was agreed.

Implementing the Scam

The system worked and they won 5 million Francs from the Deauville Casino within a week. That was equivalent to one million dollars at the time. Naturally, the casino became very suspicious. They started suspecting Monique’s brother and they watched over him but they could see nothing wrong. They also scanned the casino for electronic devices but did not find anything untoward. Of course, the radio transmission was only very brief.

The downfall of this gambling scam happened when a casino official realised something extraordinary. Monique would be carrying what looked like a packet of cigarettes.

However, she was never seen to be a smoker. Another thing was that Monique hardly ever placed a bet. The bust was really simple. The casino owner asked Monique for a cigarette whilst he was in the company of the Chief of Police. Previously, the casino owner had taken a shine to Monique and although she had rebuffed him, they remained friendly towards each other. So it was not long before she was in handcuffs and the method of the roulette cheat was revealed. That revelation included discovering the family connections.

After the Scam

Although Monique was arrested, the charges as a roulette cheat were dropped. This was because she and her accomplices agreed to pay most of the money back the money to the casino.

It has to be said, Monique’s brother was the mastermind behind the operation. However, it was Monique who took the can because she pressed the button!

The story of the Monique Laurent scam was widespread and it became famously known as the “French cigarette pack scam”. In 1984 they even made a French film about the scam. It was called “Les Tricheurs” which translates as “The Cheaters”.

Monique later moved to America. Not surprisingly, it was Las Vegas where she chose to live. Although she is probably retired by now she did work as a fashion store departmental manager. She also managed to visit the Vegas casinos when she could, in her spare time. Apparently she has no regrets and why should she, no one lost anything, or got hurt.

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