A new Australian gambling law could be passed if the Senators vote to pass it. However will it really improve the scourge of Gambling in Australia?

New Australian Gambling Law

New Australian Gambling LawGambling has become a problem in Australia. It is well-known that they spend more per capita than any other country in the world. Currently there is a bid to introduce a new gambling law in an attempt to reduce the problem. Increased numbers of people have been enjoying online gambling. The Government and people affected by gambling are keen to see online gambling restricted.

On Thursday, Mitch Fifield, the Australian Communications Minister entered the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill 2016 into parliament. The last amendment was passed by Senate in 2001, a long time ago. The gambling industry in Australia has been very progressive since then.

This week a new 2016 Bill was announced to restrict online gambling operations in Australia. A new forceful gambling law in the making. It is proposed that new laws will prevent online offshore operators acting illegally in Australia.

Quotes from Politicians

The Minister for Human Services, Alan Tudge said: “Currently hundreds of illegal gambling services are easily accessible on the internet and we know that people are more likely to get into trouble online; 2.7% of interactive gamblers are problem gamblers compared to 0.9% of all gamblers.

Alan Tudge also said, “We expect online wagering providers to meet community expectations. The tougher Australian gambling laws will seriously disrupt illegal offshore providers from acting unscrupulously or targeting vulnerable Australians. “The government is committed to taking tougher action against illegal offshore wagering providers and this bill does exactly that.”

Enforcement of Gambling Law in Australia

The new 2016 Bill sets out a series of gambling services which will be illegal. It also sets out other gambling services which will be legal if they comply with certain restrictions. The new law will allow warnings to be issued by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). Injunctions, Civil Penalties and infringement notices will also be issued by the ACMA following warnings.

The 2016 Bill sets out all the controls which will be put in place. We have to wait for Senate to pass the new 2016 Bill before potentially the new Australian gambling law is passed by the Senate. Cross bench Senators will have to battle that out.


Firstly, the Bill does say that any online gambling organisation will have to be licensed and controlled by Australian Law. We have yet to hear how that might be controlled and whether offshore gambling operators would legalize themselves. It seems the Bill will necessitate a lot of Regulation behind it for the Law to be effective.

The big question is how will such control prevent gambling problems in the future. There are many online casino operators based in Australia.  Maybe it is about raising revenue from licensing and taxation rather than problem gambling. Do we really believe Australians are any more vulnerable to gambling problems than any other nationality.

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