Gambling businesses had every reason to develop online casino apps for mobile devices. It means they can engage customers 24/7/365.

Online Casino Apps

Online Casino Apps

Many online casinos have developed apps for their casinos. It is one thing having a mobile friendly website but a dedicated app cuts across a lot of technical problems.

The online casino industry is definitely moving in that direction. This is in recognition that these days, 50% or more internet users are doing so using a mobile phone or tablet. Many mobile device users do not have access to a PC in their home, especially the younger generation.

Mobile devices use a number of different operating systems, Android, Apple, Windows and Blackberry being the most popular. The development of apps across mobile platforms is similar because they all have one objective, to deliver information quickly. There are advantages to a business which has dedicated apps.

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The advantages of using apps

Firstly, a mobile app will deliver a much faster service than conventional web browsing. That is because the application stores information which you would otherwise have to wait to download. Also an app can still function to a certain extent when offline.

The other most important thing is that an app increases brand visibility. The icon for the app is instantly visible when the screen on a mobile device is activated. Also, because of the way apps work a mobile device can receive push notifications. This allows an online casino to send important information to engage customers without using email marketing. If you indulge in sports betting you can receive the odds for sporting events direct to your mobile device without even searching.

From a marketing point of view the main advantage to having  apps is that the customer can engage with the casino whilst on the move. That opens up the opportunities for a customer to play during spare time, e.g whilst commuting to work. Mobile devices do not need to be connected to a wifi network to function. These days the mobile networks are perfectly adequate and sometimes faster than an ADSL line connection.

Another advantage of using  apps is that the customer is viewing what they want to see immediately. Using a mobile device you have to dig around a little to fully navigate a site but does that matter? Online casino apps will only display what you need to play. That is the point of an app because the screen size dictates a bare bones display of a casino website. In the early days of mobile devices text displays were all to small but that has all changed now.

Which websites have online casinos apps?

So, now you know why most gambling businesses already have apps. Our reviews of online casinos list the major gambling organisations which already have casino apps.

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