A surge in online casino complaints has led to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) conducting an Investigation. It was announced 21st October 2016.

The Online Casino Industry

Online Casino ComplaintsThe UK Gambling Commission became concerned regarding the amount of misleading material found being used by Online Casinos. Potential breaches in the Law might include misleading promotions, unfair terms and conditions and resisting payouts to customers.

The CMA is now issuing information notices under consumer protection laws to companies involved in online gambling. They are also conducting surveys to find out what the issues are for consumers and whether they have been cheated.

The internet gambling industry is a huge business with more than 5.5 million people logging on to internet gambling websites. Many of those people will be sports betting but a high proportion are gaming players. The online gambling industry has increased by two and a half times since 2009.  So, it is a rapidly growing industry.

Online Casino Complaints

Typical online casino complaints from players involve difficulties in collecting their winnings. Many players have been claiming that they have been the victim of misleading terms and conditions. Such problems have included disqualification of winnings for playing non valid games and manipulating the odds. Also placing restrictions on winning accounts. We know that the terms and conditions of some online casinos are often poorly written. Sometimes they are all too difficult to understand. Perhaps the online casinos have been taking advantage of players who are eager to sign up. Most players will be blissfully unaware of the problems they might face later.

The Remote Gambling Association (RGA) are assisting with the CMA investigation by obtaining and collating evidence. The outcome could mean some online gambling companies face prosecution in Court.

The authorities who issue licences to online casinos and regulate them will no doubt be looking deeper into the terms and conditions of these gambling companies. Areas of investigation might include welcome bonus offers, which are extremely variable throughout the industry. These offers are widely used by the internet casinos to tempt new players into signing up new players.

Update: The UK Government is now taxing bonus offers.

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