Online Casino Traffic Ranking and Status

Online Casino Traffic RankingWe are not saying these are the best online casinos but according Alexa online casino traffic ranking they are the busiest gambling websites. That means they have the highest traffic ranking the world.

It does not mean they are the busiest websites but it does mean they have more page views than other websites over a measured time period, normally for 24 hours.

Online casino websites are all very similar in function so it is reasonable to assume that they perform the same the way. The statistics are definitely being measured in the same was for these comparisons. Alexa is an authority on web site traffic and statistics, they are part of the worldwide Amazon Group.

Since the millennium, online gambling industry has mushroomed into a multi-billion dollar industry. It is an international industry and crosses many language barriers.

Changes, particularly in European Law are closing borders to gambling companies as so that cannot operate outside their own countries. It will be interesting to see how the list changes over time.

The highest online casino traffic ranking site is ranked with the lowest number.

1                                      116

2                                        1,597

3                      2,331

4                            2,495

5                                    2,997

6                                    6,221

7                                         7,368

8                                 11,361

9                            11,457

10          12,111


bet365 are by far the biggest online casino based on the Alexa Rank.

All of the biggest casinos will have own metrics for measuring the performance but Alexa Rank is probably the best indicator of much sustained traffic is going to website over time.

With Google Webmaster tools it is possible to analyse wide variety of parameters. If you need more information sigh up with webmaster tools. It is a free service and it will help any web-owner understand the ins and outs of web traffic.

Source: Insider Monkey

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